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The Era Of Vampires-Vampire (2003)

The Era Of Vampires-Vampire (2003)

by 31/08/2014
"The Era of Vampires" takes us back to the 17th century in China where the province is beset by terrifying raids vampires. A group of armed militants undertakes the extraordinarily difficult and dangerous mission to stop the vampires, restoring order in the country.

Wellson Chin


Tsui Hark


Tsui Hark


Danny Chan, Michael Chow, Ken Chang, Lam Suet, Yu Rongguang


J.M. Morgan

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Film Workshop, Fortissimo Films, Hark & Company, The Vampires Co. Ltd.

Γνωστή και ως

Vampire Hunters
Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters


1 Hour and 52 Minutes (112 Minutes)


Hong Kong




Five heroes. A coven of vampires. A lot of bad blood.






The Asian action film it and supernatural horror with the alternate title "Tsui Hark's Vampire Hunters" is not a typical story with vampires. The vampires here more similar with zombies and necromancers than known vampires of traditional cinema. The story is set in the 17th century in provincial China, which has been plagued by the lethal attacks aimoborwn vampires who rose from their graves sowing panic. A team of skilled and talented warriors headed by Master Mao Shan undertakes to chase the vampires and to restore peace in the country. During their dangerous mission, the heroes find themselves faced with a powerful vampire, precious treasures, bandits and other surprises.

Scenario is universally recognised that Tsui Hark is the best-known name from the film's crew. Unfortunately the ' Era of The Vampires ' fails to maintain Viewer interest being a crazy, with the bad sense, film and simultaneously quite boring. Certainly has plenty of action, humorous style, epic character, enough blood, frequent battles in kung fu framework, epic xifomachies, melodramatic romance and some twists in the plot. However, all these are rendered completely casual and fake resulting in the whole mixture shows kakoftiagmeno and tasteless. There are many flaws in the script which seems to be written in the leg. The Director also makes water in annoying degree. Sometimes you feel that you see Threepenny action television series meaningless and clear orientation. Battling vampires too crazy and escape any sense denying the pleasure you would normally expect from such scenes.

Horror Trivia

The language that we hear in the film is the Cantonese, the second major language (or dialect) of China after the Mandarin.

As tolerant and be, hard even to have fun with the "The Era of Vampires" and barely one finds scenes where startled even though the film is one of horror movies in General. Some meticulous costumes of vampires with highly repulsive appearance, the brutal way in which suck blood and lives of their victims and few atmospheric pictures of night Misty countryside are not enough to save the situation when the screenplay and the direction is harp glue.
Can the Asian cinema has to give some excellent footage of extreme and not only horror but unfortunately here we are dealing with the opposite case, that of great frustration. A pity.

The Era Of Vampires

Movie Highlights

  • The hideous costumes of vampires and the chilling process by which absorb the life of their victims from the eyes and mouth.


Tsui Harks Vampire Hunters 3 Tsui Harks Vampire Hunters 2 Tsui Harks Vampire Hunters 1



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Sporadic scenes with dark atmosphere, increased action, gore is satisfactory.


Badly written screenplay, directed by tsapatsoyliki, mediocre characters, absurdly long, many frustrated design vampires.

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Another disappointment in the sub-category of vampire movies of the modern era. The usual quality Asian cinema here serves us an unexpectedly nasty bric-a-BRAC.

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