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Engaged To Kill-engagement of death (2006)

Engaged To Kill-engagement of death (2006)

by 25/05/2014
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Brainstorm Media, Highwire Entertainment


1 Hour and 34 Minutes (94 Minutes)


Some promises can kill...




 Case: The "Engaged To Kill" tells the dramatic story of a family whose mother had previously kidnapped by a young couple. The end of kidnapping was a disaster for the couple and now the family has to face a new, unexpected nightmare.

Moderate thrileraki suspense with little evidence of the drama is probably the more appropriate description for the Canadian "Engaged to Kill". Without big names and claiming that it is based on a true story, the film tries to tell a strong story of abduction with dramatic implications.

The life of a family disrupted after the kidnapping of the mother of a young couple asking 1 million dollars as ransom. See the couple planning the dream of the future starting from a magical trip to Hawaii and found this restoration method to carry it out. The father of the family decides not to be sucked in the police in case of bowing to threats kidnapper. So then deposits the money but along the way things strabwnoyn for the kidnappers. The girl killed in traffic after an upheaval in which the kidnapped mother attempted to escape the kidnapper and the POPs.

After some time, and while the family tries to regain its lost tranquility and economic balance, the daughter falls in love with a crazy young with whom her relationship seems to increasingly sobareyei. But the mother has a bad feeling about the new romance of her daughter and tries to change his mind about any commitment. Soon odd coincidences will disrupt the lives of the family.

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Filming took place in Vancouver.

From the description of the case easily perceived the film's predictability. It is true that dramatic surprises is a foreign concept for the "Engaged To Kill" which tries to scare us more with their grotesque behaviors and dark intrigue that unfolds gradually until climax to the last 20 minutes. Without the lack of disruption is not necessarily a disadvantage for any film (although the ' Engaged ' to kill too predictable), the film sinks to mediocrity primarily because of defective script that shows to make his eyes alone. Various plot events seem to be few or no worked, often lack realism, thus leaving the sensation of fire to the Viewer.

The actors do what they can, having generally convincing presence with the exception of an indifferent detective who is investigating the case. But the final image shows rumpled but definitely not splintered. Ultimately the film survives thanks to some tense moments and growing suspense, few atmospheric spots in the family home during the night and the sincere efforts of several actors to give all. Didn't you say classic horror movie but isn't ugly thrillers for a night. Don't have high expectations though because I get frustrated.

Engaged To Kill

Movie Highlights

  • The chilling scene of daughter's boyfriend passes out from the mother's room the evening expressing various emotions but ominously drowns in it.
  • The last 20-quarter where the suspense and tension culminating dramatically.

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Good interpretations, some atmospheric and eerie scenes inside the family home, occasionally increased suspense.


Predictable case, faulty scenario, indifferent movie detective.

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Mediocre thriller with dramatic evolution and occasional tromares. You will surely find and best of its kind.

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