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From Dusk Till Dawn-from dusk until dawn (1996)

From Dusk Till Dawn-from dusk until dawn (1996)

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Dimension Films, A Band Apart, Los Hooligans Productions, Miramax Films


1 Hour and 48 Minutes (108 Minutes)


A terrifying evil has been unleashed. And five strangers are our only hope to stop it.
Vampires. No Interviews.
The Showdown is on.
One night is all that stands between them and freedom. But it's going to be a hell of a night.



Box Office

$25.836.616 (έως 25-01-2010)


 Case: In "From dusk till dawn", two brothers criminals, a professional thief and the other gunman and rapist, after a bank robbery with victims, wanted by the police manage to cross the border and be found in Mexico. There, as they wait for their association to become the hand of money, are faced with unexpected situations.

Tarantino's films generally have something of the glamour of the movies of the 1970s. Personally, I love. The sarcastic humor for the mentality and behavior of Americans, for the State and its laws. The dialogue is as epitideymenoi as needed. The scenes of violence that other to leave me speechless and others make you die from laughter. Has a magical way to combine several films already in the movies.

Horror Trivia

Used green blood for the vampires to enable the film to pass by the censors.

In this film, the two brothers now are highly enjoyable. The George Clooney (Seth), charmer is the bad boy but with the diamond character. In contrast, his brother Quentin Tarantino (Ricci), is a psychopath robber and rapist always imagined situations and creates trouble out of nowhere. On the other hand we have the great Harvey Keitel (Jacob) as the priest after the death of his wife has now lost his faith and have left the profession. Along with the two children, Juliette Lewis (Kate) and Ernest Liu (Scott) are forced to fygadeysoyn the two brothers in Mexico and there mixed in with a gang of vampires. The first forty minutes, the film is pure action and from there and then turns into horror.

dusk till dawn

From Dusk Till Dawn

Movie Highlights

  • The role of Sex Machine and veteran of Viet Nam.

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5 = Ατελείωτο λουτρό αίματος - 4 = Πολύ αιματοβαμμένο - 3 = Αιματοβαμμένο - 2 = Ελάχιστα αιματοβαμμένο - 1 = Σταγόνες αίματος - 0 = Ανυπαρξία αίματος

Διαβάθμιση Βαθμολογίας:
5 = Αριστουργηματικό! - 4 = Πολύ καλό - 3 = Καλό - 2,5 = Μέτριο - 2 = Κακό - 1 = Πολύ κακό - 0 = Δεν βλέπεται με τίποτα!


Quick script, the comic elements that are crucial and continuous action.


I would have expected a different ending.

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Excellent film that successfully combines action with terror, and with some comedy nuggets. Strongly recommended to lovers of this genre.

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