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Don't Torture A Duckling-Satanades of debauchery (1972)

Don't Torture A Duckling-Satanades of debauchery (1972)

by 12/01/2014
The murder of young children in a Sicilian village have shocked locals. Police and a journalist looking for the murderer. "Don't Torture A Duckling" tells this dramatic story.

Lucio Fulci


Renato Jaboni


Gianfranco Clerici, Lucio Fulci, Roberto Gianviti


Florinda Bolkan, Barbara Bouchet, Tomas Milian, Marc Porel


Riz Ortolani

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Medusa Distribuzione

Γνωστή και ως

Το Τρίγωνο Της Μαύρης Μαγείας

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

Non si sevizia un paperino


1 Hour and 42 Minute (102 Minutes)




Italian, English

Box Office

ITL 1.101.461.000




The specific Lucio Fulci's film clearly belongs to the category of the giallo and indeed is considered by many one of the finest of its kind. However it is at least for a provocative film that went down in history because of the sokaristikis genre and the criticism in the Catholic Church and the prejudices of villagers. The result was the limited circulation in Europe and in the USA (there was released in 1999!).

The action unfolds in a Sicilian village where a series of appalling murders of young children has shocked the local community. But police and a journalist are mobilized for locating the paranoid making thorough investigation, arrests and interrogations. A project that proves difficult enough while killings continue sowing panic and uncertainty.

There are many memorable features of the film. From the start the viewer perceives the unhealthy climate that prevails throughout this contribute besides the chilling premise and the environment of the village where events unfold. Following are the starring characters who have their particularities, benevolent or repulsive, coloring the film properly, giving the range and enhancing the overall harm. The mystery is the hallmark of ' Don't torture a Duckling» and the tangle of unfolding slowly and painfully, thankfully, not so much for the Viewer. The bombastic, intense music struck sharply at different locations adds a touch of horror with the order of gluing beautifully with what is happening. The gore as stated is not much but there that had made their appearance dynamically. The nasty social messages that passes the film, especially in the form of criticism towards the Church and the emergence of potential prejudices of a few reactionary, isolated provincial societies may irritate some, but with a little open minded and clear-headed I think not completely base and give the movie a creepy realism. There are a few naked shots that fortunately does not escape to an extent that will chantakwnan the film into a cheap porn.

Horror Trivia

The Fulci has stated in many interviews that this film is his favorite than she has directed.

Where the movie in my opinion lags slightly is in some argosyrta, dead spots that could be performed more quickly, poor utilization of specific characters that could hold more active role in total tangle of mystery and in not-so-great aproblepsimotita. To clarify a bit the last comment, for a relatively experienced in the field of spectator giallo mystery film closeness and more generally, the identity of the killer is not difficult to predict, correctly, as long as you don't pinch in obvious but unsuccessful attempt to disorient Fulci's persistently stochopoiwntas specific suspects that the hip mind understands that he is innocent. I think there are not handled very well in the Italian theme thereby becoming relatively predictable reducing distress levels. Even so, however, "Don't torture a Duckling" may join the 15 best giallo all-time though not on top of a relevant list. It is challenging, different, extreme and sick by offering a unique experience that at least the kind enthusiasts should not miss. For the Greek audience, worth mentioning is the participation of peace in a dark enough Pappas role.

Don't Torture A Duckling

Movie Highlights

  • The sick and unacceptable social scene where a beautiful naked woman tries to seduce a small chwriatopoylo that brought her breakfast.
  • The gruesome finding the corpse of a child in a trough of a grandmother.
  • The bloody lynching of one of the suspects from a spatial exorgismenwn group.
  • A monumental fall from Cliff where gore offered slowly and excruciatingly accompanied by dramatic music. For something such unique and brilliantly brutal scenes loved the Lucio Fulci!


Dont Torture A Duckling Dont Torture A Duckling 2 Dont Torture A Duckling 3


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Continuous mystery, sick and morbid atmosphere, evocative music, courageous social criticism through the movie.


Insufficient utilization of certain characters, a few dead, boring places.

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Superb giallo with a distinct identity, largely because of criticism over institutions and societies. From the most characteristic moments in giallo filmography.

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