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Don’t Breathe (2016)

Don’t Breathe (2016)

by 07/10/2016
In "Don't Breathe" three young burglars break into the home of a blind man and veteran of the American army in order to steal the large amount of reserves there. But the night will turn into a nightmare for the youngsters as the man retaliates dynamic egklwbizontas at home while also has some frightening secrets well hidden at the site.

Fede Alvarez


Fede Alvarez, Sam Raimi, Robert Tapert


Fede Alvarez, Rodo Sayagues


Jane Levy, Dylan Minnette, Daniel Zovatto, Stephen Lang


Roque Baños

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Ghost House Pictures


1 Hour and 28 Minutes (88 Min)






This house looked like an easy target. Until they found what was inside.



Box Office

$129.700.000 (έως 6/10/2016)




Very nice and attractive idea. Indeed the second horror film of Fede Alvarez exerts an irresistible attraction to the intercepts only from the case while the trailer leaves a lot of promises. Promises that finally fulfilled after the "Don't Breathe" is an impressive and original horror movie that makes us smile after confirming that the American terror hasn't yet said its last word from a conceptual viewpoint, ideas.

Without chasomeraei and spent on unnecessary lengthy introductions "Don't Breathe" enters quickly cut to the chase with young burglars/protagonists trapped in his house blind manic desperately seeking an exit. Their nightmare made and our film transmits very easily the agony of his protagonists and in our own heart. Kryftokynigitoy scenes inside the dark House of the blind man is incredibly intense and stressful.

dont-breathe-swatSweeping developments follow each other. In addition the House hides some horrifying surprises for the unlucky bandits. The blind man playing from a superb Stephen Lang is responsible for the high doses of horror and suspense that don't stop anywhere. You see, the film's title perfectly reflects the content of after agonizing happenings and crunching tempo in not leaving to take breath.

Horror Trivia

The actor Stephen Lang wore throughout the movie contact lenses that greatly restricted his sight, especially in low-light scenes.

Some procheirogrammenes ideas in the script with a few psiloanamenomenes excesses exist but doesn't seem likely to stop the swirl of "Don't Breathe". In contrast, we find and many intelligent scenes such as the nightmarish hidden/Chase in completely dark basement or siege of the heroine in her car from the angry dog-guardian of the blind that brings to mind the "Cujo" (1983) by Stephen King.

"Don't Breathe" puts serious nomination for best horror film of the year (because one of the best definitely is). Friends of modern horror quality does not have to lose anything.

Don't Breathe

Movie Review Highlights
  • The shocking scene that the blind man unleashes the first attack young hackers.
  • The stressful Chase in the basement of the House pitch black.
  • Metaphor-a la Cujo-scene that the Rocky is besieged in the car by the wild dog of the blind man.


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Endless suspenseful, claustrophobic atmosphere, good interpretations, fast pace.


Limited development of some characters, some extravagant scenes such as the unrealistic strength of some characters in stab wounds they have suffered.

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One of the best and most innovative horror movies in the Home Invasion subtype. Riveting, shock and frighten as few.

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