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Donner Pass-Pass (2012)

Donner Pass-Pass (2012)

by 21/11/2015
The "Donner Pass" focuses on a group of teenagers who go to the House of one of them in the snowy countryside. In this area, however, had happen in the past tragic events with people resorting to cannibalism to survive. It seems history repeats itself today with victims young excursionists.

Elise Robertson


Mouncey Ferguson, Jude S. Walko


R. Scott Adams, Mouncey Ferguson, Elise Robertson


Elise Robertson, Russ Russo, Joel Stoffer, Thomas Kopache, Luca Bovelli, Eric Pierpoint


Stefan Girardet

Γνωστή και ως

Cannibal Rising


1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)










The real story which raises this film is truly chilling. Obviously anything refers to cannibalism in real life cannot fail to shock and horror. The "Donner Pass" so reminds us of such an event in the not-so-old history of mankind. This is a groups of Americans travelers known as the Donner Party, who was held for several days in snowy and rough area of Sierra Nevada, USA. To endure well iced winter of 1846-1847, some travelers resorted to cannibalism by eating other members of the group who had succumbed to disease and hunger after first course had run out of food.

This tragic story reminds us of the "2012" Donner Pass bringing the nightmare of the last story today with victims of a small group of young holidaymakers. The four youths are installed in a homestead from the unsuspecting company for bad you are going to find them. You see … a cannibal is hungry too.

Horror Trivia

The "Donner Pass" is the first feature film of skinothetrias Elise Robertson.

Can the true story behind the film is shocking, "Donner Pass" is not. Beyond bloated and despicable violence offering worn victims and well-balanced hits with heavy gear, the film is lost in a general mediocrity. Inadequate up to amateur performances, typical and klisarismeno script and weak direction with overtly shots amateur pull out eyes. However, sparse and where we meet some good moments with intensity, suspense and interesting twists, although these are not particularly difficult to predict. Together with the carnage are the few good elements of the film.

You can skip the "Donner Pass" unless you're a staunch friend of horror films with kanibalistiki themes. Be warned, however, that for the frikwdi standards of cannibalism, the film is too innocuous. Therefore any interested Let's start from the most dynamic, classic anosioyrgimata of this class such as for example the sick "Cannibal Holocaust" 1980s and if they want further ' food ' Let's tick and "Donner Pass."

Donner Pass

Movie Review Highlights
  • The creepy xenterisma and then uprooting the heart at the beginning of the project!
  • A stunning blow by becoming a victim's eye!
  • The bloodied and frantic finale.


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The violent nature of the project with some very violent and gory scenes. Sporadic suspense that keeps you restless.


A lot of backsliding in directing and screenplay, weak performances, presence of unneeded cliches.

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Mediocre film with cannibals. If you enjoy horror movies in type kanibalikoy better start than elsewhere.

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