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Dog Soldiers-full moon (2002)

Dog Soldiers-full moon (2002)

by 17/11/2013
In "Dog Soldiers" a group of British soldiers who had come out in the woods for exercise addresses a herd of feral werewolves.

Neil Marshall


Brian Patrick O'Toole, Christopher Figg, Tom Reeve, David E. Allen


Neil Marshall


Sean Pertwee, Kevin McKidd, Darren Morfitt


Mark Thomas

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Kismet Entertainment Group, The Noel Gay Motion Picture Company, Carousel Picture Company, The Victor Film Company, Luxembourg Film Fund

Γνωστή και ως

Night of the Werewolves


1 Hour and 45 Minutes (105 Min)


United Kingdom




Six soldiers. Full moon. No chance.



Box Office





Arguably was one of the biggest surprises of the past decade. English this production with helmsman rising British Director Neil Marshall (see. "The Descent") awakened to the purists of werewolf movies fond memories of the early years of the 1980s, then released some of the most characteristic, historically and now cult film lykanthrwpias (e.g. "the Howling" and "An American Werewolf in London"). Such a high level is the "Dog Soldiers" which has already become a cult, having polyagapithei from the fans of idiom and not only.

Filmed in stunning Norwegian Forest, the film focuses on the life and death struggle of a group of six British army against one of the most terrible monsters of horror scene: the werewolves! The team normally had been sent for training in the Scottish Highlands against another military team, initially finds the remnants of the virtual opponents and a survivor, visibly shocked. Before he could get her breath, accepts the first attacks aimoborwn lykanthrwpwn. With the help of a zwologoy epibibase them in the passing vehicle, the soldiers find refuge in an isolated empty House in the Woods. There wooed by the Werewolves in a battle without mercy that surprises and twists. The full moon seems endless for all!

Horror Info: the value of "Dog Soldiers" was recognized in the international Fantasy Film Festival of Brussels where he won the prestigious Golden Raven, the highest award of this festival, as well as the audience award (Pegasus).

From the very beginning that a pair of campers are starved of Werewolf in the forest, the "Dog Soldiers" shows us the sharp teeth. The very dynamic film sequel that Τhis educational program refers to came here to stay, to establish in the minds of lykanthrwpofilwn as "classic" … and apparently succeeded greatly. In almost all sectors the "Dog Soldiers" is high. Direction, script, performances, photography, editing, all demonstrate professionalism and elaborate effort. The isolated, foggy forest environment where the last "stronghold" of soldiers seem ideal for such a film. The werewolf is imposing, massive, boisterous and slightly ' skylisioi '. However don't give chestnuts to anyone. Smart British humor inserted at the appropriate dosage and together with gore, the zealous pace and intense action scenes contribute to the creation of an excellent horror film. The only complaints are detected rather lack of a detailed, comprehensive transformation, perhaps the "easy" way in which the soldiers are finding temporary salvation and shelter. This course is very little to reduce the high value of the film.

I wish other movies with our favorite hairy monsters to follow the successful path of "Dog Soldiers". The scene of terror has need.

Dog Soldiers


  • The dynamic start with the lykanthrwpiki attack on campers.
  • The crazy scene of a cow katakreoyrgimenis fall to the point of temporary camp of soldiers at night.
  • The extremely intense sequences of the first general attack of werewolves in the House. Includes lots of gunplay, anxiety, tension and the expected … losses.


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Frenzied pace, plenty of action, imposing and kaloschediasmenoi werewolves, beautiful photography.


Minimum scenario any frivolity and conveniences, absence of a full detailed transformation as is customary in movies the werewolves.

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A necessary addition to the collection of lykanthrwpofilwn. But in general the film can entertain big range of friends of horror and action.

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