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Due Devil's-the coming of the Devil (2014)

Due Devil's-the coming of the Devil (2014)

by 18/05/2014
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Davis Entertainment, Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

Γνωστή και ως

The Baby


1 Hour and 29 Minutes (89 Minutes)


Fear is born
Not all miracles come from God.



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 Assumption: The ' Devil's ' life monitors Due a couple niopantroy which gets unpleasant turn when the woman becomes pregnant and behavior changes. It seems that carries much evil in her womb …

"Due Devil's" is another horror movie filmed with widespread found footage technique. A technique that has begun to tire of having today eliminates the air of freshness that once brought. On top of that is observed and a qualitative decline in films falling in found footage phylum. The shrill beeping now disturbingly …

Anyway, I tried to see the ' Devil's ' without prejudice Due to this idiom of "amateur" camera and to be as open minded as possible. But again the film proved to be hopelessly inferior circumstances judging by the extended and noisy advertising campaign that accompanied shortly before its release. "Due to the Devil's ' watch the life of a happy couple who are getting married very soon and the woman becomes pregnant. However, very early on, it seems that something is amiss. Odd clues like a mysterious taxi driver who leads the pair to a secluded bar for fun, images of concealed ritual spaces, dramatic changes in behavior of woman and wacky men who watch the House of actors, augur nasty future for the couple.

Horror Trivia

The filming of scenes in the Church three times. The first due to hurricane, the second due to a possible fire and on Tuesday due to a fall of voltage of power.

All these definitely have never seen. Movies like "Baby Rosemary's" and "The Omen" (especially the first) seems to have decisively influenced the creators of "Devil's", Due to some points maybe earlier than it should. But apart from the recurrent patterns that follow the film we can see easily a general sloppiness in a way that connects events with many scenes appear truncated and totally anempneystes. The indolent rate worsens an already problematic situation.

The leading pair has however dignified presence but cannot significantly improve the generally poor image. Occasionally we come across some frightening scenes with high intensity, suspense and successful effects such as when the woman of the couple kills three young people with quite brutal and efetzidiko way in the countryside. But a few good points from here and there are not enough to save the "Devil's" Due from the wreck.

Oh, and don't forget to mention the basic problem of ' Devil's ' which is Due the lack of logic about how depicting the events. You see, the hardware monitor supposedly disappeared mysteriously from the home of the protagonist and does not refer to found by someone. Additionally the events depicted not only by the camera of Heroes but also from other people's cameras crazy or security cameras tanking (supermarkets, hospitals). So who brought together all this material and presents it to us? An unwarranted tsapatsoyliki approximation of the directors …

Devil's Due

Movie Highlights

  • The disgusting scene the protagonist eats raw meat in the supermarkets.
  • The scene that the baby's movements distort the protagonist's mother's womb without taking it.
  • The dynamic scene that a group of young people exterminated by the paranormal powers of the protagonist.

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Some scenes with high tension and suspense, good performances from the actors.


Lack of freshness, originality and logic, many cliches, weak script, slow pace, clumsy editing, many unfinished scenes.

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Weak, tiring and found footage horror film klisarismeno technique suffers from lack of reasoning as regards the same way spin.

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