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The Devil Inside-the devil inside her (2012)

The Devil Inside-the devil inside her (2012)

by 09/09/2014
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Prototype, Room 101


1 Hour and 23 Minutes (83 Minutes)


No soul is safe.



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 Case: "The Devil Inside" focuses on an American attempt to discover what happened to the "mother" possessed of the which sparked terrible bloodshed during the exorcism. For this purpose goes to Rome where attending exorcisms and participate in "illegal" exorcisms of two new priests without suspecting the great evil who will find them.

Honestly I don't understand why this film has received both great burying by audience and critics. Ok, may be klisarismeni theme, can the filming style as pseytontokimanter with manual camera has become stale now, but these are not reasons that justify the expanded CAW. If indeed the other individual characteristics (interpretations, tense, shocking scenes, gore etc) are in decent levels believe that "The Devil Inside" deserved better treatment. However the commercial arm fared just fine despite the Inbox where.

The film focuses on a young American effort to discover details of the affair her mother's peculiar during the exorcism of caused carnage and now is confined to a mental hospital. The heroine goes to Rome where he detained her mother and attending exorcism. There she meets two ambitious priests-exorcists who act independently from the official Church regulations which indeed criticize the supposed indifference towards people that those in need of exorcism to treat.

The American guided by the intense desire to help her mother accept to follow the work of the two priests, following them in exorcisms along with her cameraman. But when the priests attempting the exorcism of mother of the heroine, a series of rapid changes and unpleasant events accompany the coming hours with tragic results. Rather it would be better to put more before listening to the forces of the devil …

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$ 101,386,096 was the amount garnered worldwide "The Devil Inside" despite the disheartening reviews.

After the psarwtiko beginnings where we watch blood scenes of corpses on the protagonist's mother's death spread, the film focuses on young Isabelle acquaintance with stand-alone priests and gradually becomes more and more intense. The suspense rises sharply in coming days as the protagonists penetrate deeper into the controversial world of exorcisms and daimonismenwn. We have seen some very strong scenes that shock while some others are too uncomfortable as the attempted drowning an infant during the baptism!

Positive judged the short duration of the work does not reach even the 80 minutes but returns the full prevailing paranoia without tedious and meaningless spaces. The ending was too abrupt and simplistic of course. Disadvantage are abundant clichés but which can hardly be avoided in movies exorcisms. Generally the "The Devil Inside" deserves a watchlist and will definitely shock. But don't expect a masterpiece nor innovations.

The Devil Inside

Movie Highlights

  • Starting with the viewing of corpses of the first mayhem.
  • The episodic attempted exorcism of a young girl that her parents have it cut down to the basement!
  • Sexy and shocking scene of attempted drowning of infants in font! Here we saw all talk!

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Some very shocking scenes, good performances, high levels of tension and suspense.


Existence of the usual cliche, overly abrupt ending, few problems and misunderstandings in the scenario.

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Interesting film exorcisms with convincing acting and some especially exciting and extreme scenes that astonish.

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