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Where The Devil Hides (2014)

Where The Devil Hides (2014)

by 17/05/2015
"Where The Devil Hides" transports us into a religious community like the Amish in growing fear that one of the six young girls born the 6th day of the 6th month will be the "hand of the devil" as an old prophecy. Soon the girls begin to mysteriously disappear while one beset by ghoulish visions for the future ...

Christian E. Christiansen


Karl Mueller


Rufus Sewell, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Adelaide Kane, Jennifer Carpenter, Colm Meaney


Anton Sanko

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

LD Entertainment

Γνωστή και ως

The Devil's Rapture / The Occult / The Devil's Hand


1 Hour and 26 Minutes (86 Minutes)






Forgive me father for I am SIN






Something went to do here, but in the course of monitoring any my hopes evaporated. Not to be misunderstood, "Where The Devil Hides" of the Danish Christian E Christiansen. not a bad movie, just the Director's inexperience together with a few more details prosgeiwsan the film uneven.

The basic theme of "Where The Devil Hides" is the intense paranoia that can be grown into fervent religious communities or sects. Here we present a religious community that uses no electricity (something like the Amish in the United States) who lives in fear of the fulfillment of an old terrible prophecy. Six girls happened to be born on the sixth day of the sixth month of the year and caught the hint with the numbers (see the 666 formed easily from the above given), some of them are said to be the "hand of the devil" on her eighteenth birthday the.

Since her eighteenth birthday girls approaching, the leader of the community with an excess of severity is warning its members to prophecy resulting tightens the monitoring of those ringer girls. At the same time, however, happens and something more serious. A mysterious figure with Scythe exterminates one by one the girls. These again are trying to protect in every way by both the murderer and general suspicion of them Furthermore benefit all.

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"Where The Devil Hides" is the seventh full length movie of Director Christian E. Christiansen.

The premise sounds interesting despite the nuggets klisarismenis bad taste. There is mystery, paranoid atmosphere and some shocking scenes that include horrific suicides among others. Also the talented cast with valuable interpretations of gives the movie its essential seriousness so as not to lead another parody of the idiom such as many related movies that give themselves away from the amateur handjob of actors.

Unfortunately the "Where The Devil Hides ' fails to convince as a whole. Often finds it difficult to get rid of the cliches that featured similar horror films of the past. The plot sometimes seems not to "unreasonably" skalwnontas progresses in meaningless situations fatiguing viewers. Another major drawback is the Director's option to turn some important shots into deep darkness at the expense of the enjoyment of the viewer who cannot discern what exactly is happening.

Finally the finale many may find it from bad to ridiculous. Me however I am not convinced despite the apparent attempt to shock and surprise. Another opportunity was lost here. A pity …

Where The Devil Hides

Movie Review Highlights
  • A chilling infanticide after the mother murderess commits suicide by cutting his throat.
  • Another chilling suicide where the victim jumps from the roof of a building and nailed in a sharp spear.
  • And … as expected, another suicide in which the victim chooses to break his head having tied in rope that drags a horse.


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Atmosphere of mystery and paranoia, good interpretations, a few strong scenes of violence.


At points it becomes tedious and also seems overloaded with parapanisioys characters. Furthermore, some important scenes have been filmed too dark and not seeing almost no what unfolds. Some horror cliches also exist.

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It is a good idea but suffers from technical and other problems in its execution. Only for fans of horror films with sects.

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