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Demonic Toys (1992)

Demonic Toys (1992)

by 18/06/2014
Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Full Moon Entertainment

Γνωστή και ως

Dangerous Toys


1 Hour and 26 Minutes (86 Minutes)


For 66 years, evil has been watching, waiting, and wanting for someone to play with its toys.
Playtime has begun.
They Want To Play With.....YOU!


 Case: "Demonic Toys" monitors the nocturnal adventure of some people who for various reasons found in a warehouse. A devilish but power lurks in space and converts seemingly harmless games into killing machines attacking humans.

Ftiniariko, psilodiaskedastiko but very boring film, low standards we have grown accustomed to the Full Moon and the boss of the Charles Band. "Demonic Toys" cast on the table a new toy shop-team killers, though inferior in terms of inspiration in comparison with the murderous spiral (clearly better) "Puppet Master" of 1989, however, offer some moments of laughter, jazz and gore, all of them looking i.e. an average low-budget horror film fan.

As regards the case of the film, she exploits the supernatural field adopting so easy solution to support the simplistic scenario. At the beginning we are witnessing a failed effort two policemen (and couple expecting a child) to arrest two criminals. Unfortunately for the man police developments will be fatal something that avoid-at least for now-the other three involved in night episode. The woman COP chases the two villains in the adjacent warehouse games, with one seriously injured and an easy victim for the supernatural evil that lurks in the warehouse. A warehouse that is guarded by a security guy appeal with obnoxious in fast food. In yet another tangled mess delivery guy and a young girl who sprang out of the ventilation of the warehouse being somehow too "fugitive". All those trapped in the building where he once woke up an untold evil. A powerful demonic spirit – that it wont takes the form of a small boy-mobilizing against the visitors sending as vanguard a few warehouse crane games. I managed the demon to attain the ultimate evil purpose – namely being transferred into the human body?

Horror Trivia

The film was originally to be skinothetithei by the screenwriter, David S. Goyer. Also, for the more observant, there's somewhere in the project "hidden" "Puppet Master" …

Horror movie for kids? Although the general mood and the games seem funny in the eyes of a great, we cannot consider the "Demonic Toys" completely kindergarten as a film. The good gore and dark environment creates a sobarofaneia that stayed somewhat but not completely hides the jazz! Non-imagine Jazz course in great abundance once the film rolls noticeably slow. The main drawback, however, is incomplete and childish script. I welcome the variety generated by the potato heads: Mr. Static (robot), Grizzly Teddy (Teddy bear), Jack Attack (clown) and Mrs. Baby Oopsie Daisy Group (baby doll) with the annoying voice, give great performance and keep us pleasurable companionship for the Act. I have the impression that the film spent too much on anoysioys dialogues among trapped people despite the showdown of demonic toys. Relatively low levels of varying interpretations of the actors, but in general suffered easily, taking into consideration the imikwmiko style of the project. Like characters but is indifferent. Pity that the escalation towards the end is Tiga in bangs.

If you enjoy horror movies with evil puppets/potato heads, see first the legendary cult "Chucky", after 2-3 more notable similar films (consult the existing category on our site) and end skip and from the "Demonic Toys» … but without high requirements in order to avoid disappointment.

Demonic Toys

Movie Highlights

  • The mangling one of the people from the crane games! Of the bloodiest scenes of the play.
  • An impressive (mutatis mutandis) and unpredictable transformation of Grizzly Bear, playing Teddy.

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Variety of lethal games that you remain in the memory for some time, some violent scenes, the isolation environment.


Bangs in the script, erasitechnismoi in directing, psiloargo tempo, indifferent characters and parapanisioi dialogues without meaning and substance.

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Mediocre films with bloody dolls. Strictly for fans of this subclass maniacs or ftiniarikoy of horror B movies.

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