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Demonic (2015)

Demonic (2015)

by 08/05/2015
To "Demonic" tells the horrifying story of a group of young people who went to a deserted House to summon ghosts with disastrous results. Others died violently and others ignored. The sole survivor for questioning by police and a psychologist and, of course, is a key suspect in the massacre.

Will Canon


James Wan, Lee Clay


Max La Bella


James Wan, Max La Bella


Maria Bello, Frank Grillo, Cody Horn, Dustin Milligan, Megan Park, Scott Mechlowicz, Aaron Yoo


Dan Marocco

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Dimension Films

Γνωστή και ως

House of the Dead
House of Horror


1 Hour and 25 Minutes (85 Minutes)


USA, United Kingdom




Every house has its secrets






I don't know how many of his friends and especially the horror fans of James Wan had high expectations when you let the "Demonic". Although the Wan will engage in the project only as a producer of many horror fans surely would have placed a high standard. I did not so I don't completely disappointed by the end result.

The "Demonic" is a fairly typical case and mingles saturated subjects and techniques. Haunted houses, terrifying séances, demons, ghosts and shortly found footage is the basic recipe plus and the police investigation/inquest to make it more interesting.

A detective discovers in a house the butchered corpses of three young people and one survivor who runs panicky. Manages to immobilize him and then calls AIDS and a psychologist which undertakes to converse with the survivor. From the early data suggest that there are two other missing people who were in the House and that the survivor is the number one suspect in the carnage. He has also found a part of video material that had brought young home with which you binteoskopoysan invoking spirits. He indeed was their purpose and visiting the abandoned house …

Horror Trivia

The original title of the film was ' House of Horror ' but on 8 October 2013 was renamed "Demonic".

Ok, can the "Demonic" is not anything special or innovative, but it certainly is not and petamatoy. Impression causes the film to dividing an police investigation/inquest, in recorded footage found material they see policemen and at events such as afigoymena are said to have made which have been filmed with the traditional technique of many cameras. This option gives a flexibility in film making it affordable and pleasant in terms of the flow of events.

Of the three main protagonists both give quite to very good performances. Both the Frank Grillo (The Purge: Anarchy) in the role of detective and Maria Bello (Secret Window) in the role of psychologist, go swimmingly having entered into the shoes of their roles. This unfortunately cannot be said for Dustin Milligan who although tries to look sad and shocked not copes with anything. The rest are playing very complementary roles and does not concern us particularly.

Positively judged and the existence of mystery about what has actually happened, though with only moderate experience in horror cinema, a viewer suspects fairly easily what the film presents as "subversion" at the end. Unfortunately the "Demonic" suffers from many clichéd and meaningless jump scares and his script except empty runs and absurdities or obnoxious facilities. Even if we acknowledge some positive, the final taste of the "Demonic" is bittersweet and we can't do anything more about it.


Movie Review Highlights
  • Something crows that come out of people's mouths.
  • The "overthrow" of the finale, although predictable, at least increases a bit the feeling of terror that we feel.


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Some possible and plausible interpretations, smart film flow partition into three "fronts", the existence of a mystery.


Existence of many cliches and unsubstantiated jump scares, several indifferent characters, weak interpretation of one of the three protagonists, scattered and absurd senariakoi xecheilwmata.

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Just another mediocrity in the supernatural field. The "Demonic" continues the negative tradition of klisarismenwn and defective horror films with demons and similar supernatural powers which have flooded us in recent years.

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