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Insanity-Dementia 13 (1963)

Insanity-Dementia 13 (1963)

by 22/11/2015
In "Dementia 13" a feisty woman tries to deflect part of the heritage of the recently deceased husband of the eccentric family living in an old Castle in Ireland. Unfortunately for itself but also for the family, the presence of a mysterious killer with axe thwarts data dramatically.

Francis Ford Coppola


Roger Corman


Francis Ford Coppola, Jack Hill


William Campbell, Luana Anders, Patrick Magee, Bart Patton, Mary Mitchell, Eithne Dunne, Peter Read, Karl Schnazer


Ronald Stein

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Filmgroup Productions

Γνωστή και ως

The Haunted and the Hunted

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος



1 Hour and 15 Minutes (75 Minutes)






You Must Pass the "D-13" Test To Prepare You for the Horrifying Experience of Dementia 13. If You Fail the Test...You Will Be Asked to Leave the Theater!






Can the unsurpassed Francis Ford Coppola has written with golden letters in his name to world cinema masterpieces due to temporal as the "Godfather" and "Apocalypse Now", but sometimes worth to remember and less bright moments of his career, in particular of the early period. In the great mass of audience horror "Dementia 13"–the first film directed by Coppola – perhaps it is not at all well known, unlike the sophisticated and the cultakides that the majority of them appreciate this hidden brilliance of the great filmmaker.

Having worked next to also the scene of huge for Roger Corman horror, Coppola draws inspiration and ideas from his mentor (and Hitchcock) who oversees the project being the producer. Katabainoyme well how important historically is the "Dementia 13" when the names of the aforementioned the Titans marked in rates. Quality "Dementia 13" never regarded (and is not) masterpiece but in any case not ceased to maintain his cult status to the present and moves paliomoditikoy lovers, gothic horror. The historical value is underlined not only because of the official "first" Coppola's but because it owns a share in the formation of the later cult movement, also, of the prevalent slasher (probably has affected the Italian giallo as a point).

On his own film now, Coppola presents an original story of mystery and horror set in a medieval castle in Ireland. The Castle resides a strange family that every time mourning the wrongful death of the little sister who drowned in a nearby Lake. There arrives the speculative wife of one of three brothers who died from cardiac arrest as she did with her boat. This scene begins "Dementia 13" sowing the first seeds of mystery.

Horror Trivia

Episodic seems to have been production process of "Dementia 13". There were some conflicts between Coppola and Corman, both for the duration of the film and extra money received by Coppola from another producer for the European rights to the film. This was hidden from the Corman to ensure Coppola in case that his partner will "throw". Also the original title was neat "Dementia". However, since the 1955 film already existed with the same name, and was added after this to13.

Then, the shrewd widow exyfainei a sneaky plan to divert her husband's legacy by prudential's mother. Initially preparing a mock letter to his mother stating that her son will miss away for business. After it has been installed in the Castle, exploits the capricious mother's mental state and the irrational superstitions that prey on the loss of her daughter, and attempts to put some puppets of dead girl at the bottom of the pond next to the Castle. Unfortunately for the same operation fails after a maniacal axe the xepastreyei without mercy on the shore of the Lake. This is only the beginning as the mysterious serial prepares more blows in the Castle area and none of its residents is no longer safe.

Scenario presents anyway interesting although not free from any frivolity, simplifications and gaps. The Director of Coppola, however, is extremely atmospheric. In this helps and the black and white image with evocative course with internal parts of the Castle, night shots around and haunting music. The ' whodunit ' character intensifies the anguish despite limited on number of suspects and the relatively predictable killer's identity.

The actors all give great performances vindicating the Coppola for his choices. If we add to them and the few but brave murder scenes for the season with an axe, we end up in an exciting film, moving between psychological thriller and slasher, suitable for nightly showings. Anyone who likes the old, original, gothic horror, "Dementia 13" unreservedly recommended. The rest of us can see it if only for historical reasons, although I believe that you will find items that will fascinate them.

dementia 13

Dementia 13

Movie Review Highlights
  • The monumental widow's murder with AX, the night at the Lake. From the most representative scenes throughout the film.
  • Impressive for the era of beheading a Hunter-katapatiti.
  • The apocalyptic finale. It's not as unpredictable as they would like the rates, however, has overtones of paranoia and emotion.


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Atmospheric direction by a leading Director, good actors with serious interpretations, creepy music, scary environment where the plot unfolds, the fact that it is the first directorial effort of Coppola.


Too short duration, glitches in the scenario.

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Must be mainly for historical reasons. But it is also a very dignified movie horror paliomoditikoy maintains its freshness until today.

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