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Deliver Us From Evil-Evil Xorkise (2014)

Deliver Us From Evil-Evil Xorkise (2014)

by 14/09/2014
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Jerry Bruckheimer Films, Screen Gems

Γνωστή και ως

Beware the Night


1 Hour and 58 Minutes (118 Minutes)


You haven't seen true evil.



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 Case: "Deliver Us From Evil" revolves around a family man sergeant who investigates a series of mysterious crimes in New York nightlife. In the course of investigations of the works with an unconventional priest as these crimes seem to be associated with supernatural events diabolical nature.

After the successful "The Exorcism of Emily Rose" (2005) and "Sinister" (2012) o ascending Scott Derrickson returns with another high-profile horror film. "Deliver Us From Evil" or "Xorkise bad" as we know it already in our country, continues its little tradition that has shaped the American filmmaker who wont marry the terror in other genres such as court dramas and mystery. So here, the Union is in the category of police movies in an interesting but definitely not impressive mix.

deliver us from evil

Eric Bana

The star Eric Bana is the main attraction for the general public and the film the exploits to the fullest. The charming actor impersonates a tough policeman haunted by his personal demons and simultaneously investigates successively mysterious crimes that take place in various parts of New York. He soon discovers that these criminal actions connected with a strange way and possibly associated with malevolent demonic forces that influence and his personal life. As a result of this unusual case the COP teams up with a rempelo Pope (Edgar Ramirez) who acts voluntarily for the purpose of detection of heinous crimes.

Horror Trivia

Originally the starring role was offered to Mark Walhberg but the actor refused.

edgar ramirez

Edgar Ramirez

The film comes from early in the Chase. Without unnecessary imports shows the grisly murders and the effort of the police and his partner to unravel. Very soon be entangled in the Gulf and the priest. The mystery, action, tension and terror prevail throughout this time sowing the first installments of satisfaction despite sporadic obvious mistakes such as the pointless and silly use of band history "The Doors". The fact that the bulk of the research is done at night helps shaping the dark and sinister atmosphere.

As time passes, however, and the film goes to the culmination of events begins to lose the orientation of bowing to absurdities, banalities and scenario-based facilities damage irreparably the final image. Non-realistic scenes such as making tsatra Patra exorcisms in interrogation rooms police stations are not justified. Also expect a more shocking finale judging by the numerous scenes of horror and shock that we experienced previously.

Fortunately, the pace of "Deliver Us From Evil" is rattling and despite the long duration of the tires not far from the Viewer. Generally this is a movie that can satisfy a wide range of spectators as it contains diverse elements from many cinematic species and subspecies. Difficult though this film Derrickson will delight while I won't surprised if some viewers find it pointless or even funny.

A balanced approach, I think we should cut the watermelon somewhere in the Middle but carefully directed by Derrickson and decisive contribution of actor Eric Bana the raise of the level of mediocrity a rung above. Hopefully the next attempt of Derrickson not divided as ' Evil ' Deliver Us From.

Deliver Us From Evil

Movie Highlights

  • The shocking crucifixion of a cat!
  • The sudden appearances of a creepy man in the viewing field aimofyrtoy of the protagonist.
  • Scary Dolly-OWL moved ominously into the room of the little daughter of the protagonist.
  • The dynamic fight a possessed man with a COP-hero's partner on the steps of a building.

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Dark and menacing atmosphere, neat combination police investigation and supernatural horror, many terrifying and shocking scenes, snappy pace.


Script problems, existence of some unrealistic situations, showing several clichés, mediocre finale.

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Certainly with the ' Deliver Us From Evil "spend well seen while also scaring and tarakoyniesai in many scenes. Nevertheless, scrambled together with script problems a few analithofaneis or even ridiculous scenes decisively undercut the final image that we shape for the film.

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