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Deadly Friend-Deadly friend (1986)

Deadly Friend-Deadly friend (1986)

by 29/03/2015
In "Deadly Friend" a genius young implants artificial brain in unlucky neighbor who was killed by the violent and alcoholic father. The girl revives but the freakish behavior of presage nasty and bloody developments.

Wes Craven


Robert M. Sherman


Bruce Joel Rubin


Diana Henstell


Matthew Laborteaux, Kristy Swanson, Michael Sharrett, Anne Twomey, Richard Marcus, Anne Ramsey, Charles Fleischer


Charles Bernstein

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Warner Bros., Pan Arts, Layton


1 Hour and 31 Minutes (91 Min)






There's no one alive who'll play with the girl next door.



Box Office

$8.988.731 (ΗΠΑ)




It is from the Craven's movies that have stayed in obscurity. Justified to a certain extent as the "Deadly Friend" no high level directorial enjoys a ' Scream ' or ' A Nightmare On Elm Street ' for example nor is distinguished from the corresponding directorial finesse that has shown the acclaimed American in other well-known films (e.g. The People Under The Stairs). Probably not helping and the novel on which the film is based. But let's look at them in detail.

The "Deadly Friend" conveys what is happening on the big screen by Diana Henstell book with the simpler title "Friend". There are two central figures around whom the action is being built. The young Paul (Matthew Labyorteaux) and the new neighbor of Samantha (Kristy Swanson) which falls in love. The Paul moved in the area thanks to a scholarship that took him to study at the city's University. The high intelligence of Paul and the abundant expertise in neurology and artificial intelligence in addition to fellowship, have spare and a bizarre friend who accompanies him in every moment. This is the brilliant robot named BB that has made Paul himself.

While all seem to go well with the new life of the young "Einstein", two unpleasant events will change dramatically the situation. Initially his favorite robot is destroyed by an obnoxious neighbor that the shot with the shotgun when it entered the courtyard. Then Samantha's favorite will be killed by recklessly violent alcoholic father's behavior. In the grief of the Paul decides to try something new and revolutionary: to introduce artificial brain of the robot in Samantha hoping it will resuscitate. Although the experiment seems to initially succeeds, Samantha's behavior will be different and very dangerous …

Horror Trivia

The Kristy Swanson was taught all the moves he made as robots, following courses that made her a professional mimic.

Let's start critically evaluating the "Deadly Friend" bash and overcome faster than imply numerous negative reviews received at times. It is true that the direction of Craven is lower than expected showing some striking defects from here and there. Scenario without being evil has its weaknesses by resorting to oversimplifications that annoy. Also some characters seem utterly indifferent and their interpretations except for predictable is undesirable (e.g. the biker alitampoyras that attacks on Paul). Fortunately, this happens in a few secondary characters because the two main guest go swimmingly. And somewhere in here we come positively.

The leading pair Paul-Samantha turns out successful chemistry and especially the interpretation of nice girl deserves more praise. Undertook the difficult role to play both normal girl initially and the "rompotopoiimeni" form then, carrying out its mission successfully. Throughout becomes apparent a general aesthetic cheesy that inevitably leads the "Deadly Friend" in the category of cult, even though it is not highly-regarded other cult films. The form of the robot is another positive element to which we must give credit on the film. The movements of the BB is peistikotates, well-crafted and varied actions excite the Viewer. Cannot not sympathiseis this particular robot you grieve and really coming out of the game relatively early. In the positive include two murders anatrichiastikoi one is one of the most juicy squash head we have seen in the cinema having and the asset is not only appalling but also comedic. If we add to them the wonderful futuristic soundtrack of ' special ' Charles Bernstein fitting with the sci-fi's identity "Deadly Friend" as well as the properly seated drama scenes, then we can talk about at least one decent movie that unfairly received so much rejection.

basketball death scene

The finale certainly causes many discussions and I understand perfectly the souring of some spectators who disapprove. I believe, however, that despite the "tyrila" and the great nature, remains interesting and well adapted to all cultila that produces the "Deadly Friend". See it as an opportunity to analyze further making interesting conversations with your friends.

Deadly Friend

Movie Review Highlights
  • The barbati address a alitampoyra from the protagonist's robot.
  • A creepy Palm breaking just before the murder victim also of creepy in a kiln.
  • The monumental breakup head with lethal weapon … a basketball.
  • The controversial finale. Whatever the judge gives food for further thought and analysis.


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Few truly shocking murder scenes, hilarious performance by Kristy Swanson, the sympathetic character of robot BB, amazing ambient music futuristic character, successful introduction of drama in the developments.


Problems in the scenario, dispersed in directing some backsliding, predictable and indifferent character, controversial finale.

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Despite the lack of "seriousness" in the main theme, the Deadly Friend WINS in spite of five, exuding a glamorous decadent air cult-ilas.

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