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Deadly Blessing-violence Leads to hell (1981)

Deadly Blessing-violence Leads to hell (1981)

by 22/05/2014
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1 Hour and 40 Minutes (100 Minutes)


A gruesome secret, protected for generations, rises to give its...
Pray you're not blessed



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$8.279.042 (ΗΠΑ)


 Case: The "Deadly Blessing" travels in the American province and in a bizarre religious community which a former member dies mysteriously in the barn. Sect members suspected the obnoxious in their eyes wife while at the same time further killings have rocked the region.

From the forgotten films of the great Wes Craven. In a sense it is considered transitional stage in the career of American Director from raw creations of previous years, the most elaborate and trade over the coming years. The "Deadly Blessing" released in the early 1980s, winning mostly negative reviews but over the years has been appreciated more by horror fans. This is a special film that despite its weaknesses has things to give the cult horror lover, not only from a historical point of view as Sharon Stone's appearance in a minor role (from the earliest entries in the film) but also in the operative part, especially with some memorable cult scenes.

The "Deadly Blessing" is a peculiar mixture of slasher and psychological-metaphysical terror. Focuses on a provincial community whose most members belong to a hardline and ultra-conservative sect, so-called "Hittites" (something like today's Amish). When a former member of the sect and married with the protagonist is killed mysteriously from his tractor in the barn of their home, it is believed that this was an accident. Following two girlfriends of the unfortunate widow visiting her home and stay a few days with her. There their relationship with the members of "Chittitwn" starts disrupting dangerously, and especially of the widow in the person whose thriskoliptoi neighbors see every kind of demon. At the same time a series of strange murders complicates the situation.

Horror Trivia

On stage with the fall of the spider in her mouth Sharone Stone the actress initially declined to participate and the Craven tried to dissuade keeping himself the spider but in vain. Stone eventually agreed to do the scene just when spider's teeth were removed.

The original script for the season though not especially tight. Apparently overloaded by unnecessary multitude characters that Act to the detriment of the film. Nevertheless the "Deadly Blessing" keeps you in suspense until the end after the hidden identity of the killer intensifies the mystery and suspense. Until the suspenseful finale, of course, the Craven offers a few scenes anthology riveted for long in the memory. The snake in the tub and spider fall into the mouth (see Highlights below) are the most characteristic. Other reasons that distinguishes the "Deadly Blessing" is the presence of the always sympathetic Ernest Borgenine and timeless moytroy you heard the name Michael Berryman who had collaborated with the Craven and cult classic "blood on the hills" of 1977. The first impersonates the austere leader/high priest of «Chittitwn» (poorly put him candidate for Golden Raspberry for me, since the chabalediariko climate film gets along famously) while the second one of their members is and matakias. For all these reasons I think the "Deadly Blessing" deserves a look from her friends horror scene despite the obvious drawbacks. The chabales is guaranteed and I don't mean the meaningless and ridiculous show a demon (what could this Wes eh?).

Deadly Blessing

Movie Highlights

  • The scene with the snake that invades stealthily in the bathtub when the protagonist enjoys her bathroom.
  • The spider fall into the mouth of Sharone Stone in a ceremonial nature scene!
  • The suspenseful finale and especially a sensational and Super subversive reveal about a person's identity.

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Specific memorable scenes to easily receive the designation "cult", the participation of actors, certainly not indifferent atmosphere of mystery whodunit with orientation.


Defective script with holes, exaggerations, bangs and a plethora of unnecessary characters. The relatively slow pace is also a disadvantage.

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More will appreciate the fans of Craven. It may, however, make nice and in search of the old horror of early 80s as it contains moments of suspense, decadent atmosphere of mystery and has cult aesthetic.

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