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Dead Of Night (1945)

Dead Of Night (1945)

by 22/12/2013
In the "Dead of Night" an architect who sees a recurring dream visits a home where they have gathered the people involved in the mysterious dream. The participants soon begin to recount horror stories that have happened and trying to interpret the dream.

Alberto Cavalcanti, Charles Crichton, Basil Dearden, Robert Hamer


Michael Balcon


John Baines, Angus MacPhail


H.G. Wells, E.F. Benson


Michael Redgrave, Mervyn Johns, Frederick Valk, Roland Culver


Georges Auric, London Philharmonic Orchestra

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Ealing Studios

Γνωστή και ως

Βαθιά μες'τη νύχτα


1 Hour and 43 Minutes (103 Min)


United Kingdom






Get ready for a trip to a far-distant cinematic past. Country of destination in Britain, a country with a great and long tradition in horror cinema. Two days after the surrender of the Japanese to the allies and the official end of World War II was released in the old Albiwna a rare cinematic horror that diamond was destined to exert a significant influence on subsequent British scene but also beyond it (see e.g. the American series "Twilight Zone"). The reason for the monumental "Dead of Night" the historic Ealing Studios, one of the oldest vertebrates horror film in cinema history. Can the Germans to be than what it appears the pioneers of horror anthologies, with the "Eerie Tales" of 1919 recognized as the first horror anthology of all time, but the Brits are the ones who perfected and became popular in the 60s and 70s. Among these timeframes stands isolated but proud to the now classic "Dead of Night", which quickly singled out and caused a sensation in the British scene at a difficult time for the horror cinema as horror movies were banned shortly before its release in Britain and for the duration of the war.

In directing the "Dead of Night" are four different directors who visualize stories by famous writers such as H.G. Wells and E.F. Benson and scenario of Angus MacPhail (known for his collaboration with Hitchcock) and John Baines. At cast we find many good actresses of cinema and theatre of Great Britain. In this effort with plenty involved take a delicious taste old, atmospheric horror who although obviously occurs in moderately frames (imagine what talk time), however he manages to shock with innovative style for the season, with both the original terrifying nature of certain stories and the subversive finale of Central history-trunk. Let us therefore enter the depths of "Dead of Night" to discover its secrets.

History-trunk from which emerge the separate stories shows us the advent of an architect in a cottage where they have gathered various persons whom the architect claims that faces the same strange and elusive dream. Also the architect can and provides various events that will be at home, such as future visits. The assembled test the predictive ability of the architect and at the same time telling a personal story from each of them, in which they claim that experienced a strange supernatural experience type. The stories that exposed in our screen bearing a General "descriptive" name, summarizing their main theme.

Horror Trivia:

Apart from the purely filmic effect in horror cinema, the "Dead of Night" with the circular structure of the affected English Astronomer Fred Hoyle in shaping the now obsolete scientific theory of "steady-state" where the material is produced continuously from zero. Also, the great Martin Scorsese included the "Dead of Night" at 11 tromaktikoteres for him movies of all time, placing it 5th in the list.

In the first story (Hearse Driver) watching the mysterious experience of a racing driver who after the near fatal injury, recovering in hospital but disrupted by viewing a horrific automobile driver who informs him that "there is room for another! In the second story (Christmas Party) a young girl recounts her meeting with the ghost of a child to a Christmas party at home where it had been murdered by his sister. The third story (Haunted Mirror) revolves around a mysterious, cursed mirror affecting hazardous behavior of a guy and it endangers the woman's life. The fourth story (Golfing Story) recounts his tragicomic (literally) twist that takes the two men's Golf match, the winner of which will antameibotan with the woman who I happened to love both. The fifth and final story (Dummy Ventriloquist's) recounts the dramatic moments which lives a ventriloquist who believes that the rude's doll is alive and affects situations.

Apart from the fourth story in golf, which looks to be off to a comically moving lightly climate patterns without any tromares and atmosphere, the rest is definitely satisfactory to very good with the last story stand out significantly from the other. Basically, this story is one of the reasons that made the "Dead of Night" historical film. The paradoxical relationship of eggastrimythoy with the doll pictured with masterly persuasiveness, highlighting the concepts of paranoia and appalling psychoses, better than current attempts. Quite frightening is the story with the damn mirror and the first story with the macabre line of automobile driver to lift the hair banister even for a few seconds.

But the strength of the "Dead of Night" is not limited to individual stories but also in the Central story-wrapper. In this singles an interesting range of characters who are beyond the stories that recount, devoted and remarkable between dialogs based on explanation of the whole situation and clarifying of the architect's dream. In all the most distinguished skeptic doctor who tries to explain the experiences of everyone using arguments through science and logic. After finishing Thursday's history and the film shows even more teeth and without delay immerses us in a nightmarish sequence of twists, paranoia, terror and Surrealism that nails.

But let's stop here praise them as can anyone writes for hours analyzing every aspect of the multi-layered work. This is one of the leading horror anthologies of all time. Maintains the dynamic of in decades without seem outdated or stale, busting jokingly language in time – the relentless this judge that all movies have reason to fear. Our compliments …

Dead Of Night

Movie Highlights

  • The macabre line of the driver of the automobile and the shocking finale of the first story.
  • The high suspense before the mysterious mirror of the third story.
  • The terribly convincing portrayal of crazed relationship of eggastrimythoy with the doll of the last story.
  • The eerie, subversive and surreal scenes that astonish us in the grand finale of the project.


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Dead of Night (1945)

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Ingenious and original screenplay, majestic montage, at least three very good stories, finale for a seminar where the words "subversive" and "unexpected" probably are not enough to describe the greatness of.


The weak fourth story where the effort to inject comic elements seems completely incongruous with the developments.

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Great British horror film with a huge influence on the future development of the horror scene. From the best horror anthologies of all time. Evergreen and grandiose, without losing the magic despite the over half-century TimeSpan that carries on the backs.

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