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Day of The Dead (1985)

Day of The Dead (1985)

The world has been flooded by zombies and an underground Government bunker a group of scientists and soldiers trying to survive searching parallel treatment to stop the pandemic.

George A. Romero


Richard P. Rubinstein


George A. Romero


Lori Cardille, Terry Alexander, Joe Pilato, Richard Liberty


John Harrison

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Dead Films Inc., Laurel Entertainment Inc.

Γνωστή και ως

Zombie 2


1 Hour and 36 Minutes (96 Min)






Once again, the dead have their day



Box Office

$34.000.000 (έως 8/12/2012)




The third part of the trilogy of George Romero (with the other two members being the Night of the Living Dead and Dawn of the Dead) is the most controversial of all. The horror fanboys want more suspense and action, the cinephile like caustic social criticism than it did the previous two films stand out from the empty violence that gripped most movies of its kind. The result is obviously not thanked anyone then however the Day of the dead managed to acquire her own audience over time, with new viewers to comfort them for what they are.

One of the last groups of people come together in order to survive. This group consists of Sarah and Dr Logan who are scientists and trying, although they have different points of view, to use their knowledge to provide a scientific sense to what is happening and if they manage to find a way to reverse the disease. The remaining members of the group are some unpolished military with their leader the Rhodes and the minion of the Steel and framed by the pilot and asyrmatisti. Driving force of the script is the different approach of the two teams in the problem of zombies. These differences cause cracks and high volumes and game for the takeover will cause disorders that make you think about the true threat is zombies or your next-door.

Horror Trivia

The Director of the film and called the "Godfather of all zombies", George Romero, has called this film, his beloved trilogy.

The movie has a ton of despair and nihilism. Being probably unique among people left is not an easy pill to swallow. The backdrop (underground military base and depressive laboratories) alleviates this feeling claustrophobic. Opposition to all this is that hope is born through the efforts of Dr Logan at imereysei a zombie in which he learns the best is one that reminds to everyday human activities like to shave and listening to music. This ypoploki is quite significant as it is the first time the zombies get a human dimension and feel that their condition is to blame. All of these are deleted by the psychotic reactions of soldiers who see zombies as mortal enemies and want to annihilate them all with violence.

Special mention should be made in the spectacular special effects. The best kind of Tom Savini's work calls on the Day of the Dead as his masterpiece. The zombies are creepy and flawlessly, and each wound is realistikotati. Regarding acting, is hit or miss, some moments are exaggerated and others as they should be.

Day of The Dead

Movie Review Highlights
  • The moment the Bub the zombie listens to music.
  • The death of a soldier in beating thousands of zombies.
  • The death of Rhodes


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It is not another shallow horror film, has a depth. Also worth seeing only for special effects.


There is not enough interaction between zombies and humans and are relatively slow film.

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The "black sheep" of the trilogy, is a more humane approach to the legend of zombies and when my mind is classic of the genre. The viewer should see more open minds and not just to pass the time and will not be disappointed.

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