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Dagon Dagon-Creature of the deep (2001)

Dagon Dagon-Creature of the deep (2001)

by 08/06/2014
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Dagon: Sect of the Sea
The Lost Island


1 Hour and 35 Minutes (95 Minutes)



Box Office

212.699 € (Ισπανία)


 Plot: in the ' Dagon ' a couple ends up in a bizarre Spanish island when the boat was capsized by a fierce storm. The Islanders, however, is not so friendly nor normal as they worship an ancient sea goddess who requires blood to continue to the favors. The couple will give an uneven struggle for survival against a formidable foe …

Certainly the transfer of H.P. Lovecraft story city on screen isn't easy and is a challenge for any filmmaker. But the charismatic Stuart Gordon chewed and not having enlist the previous experience with films "labkraftianis" genre ("Re-Animator ', ' From Beyond ') and unfolding the undeniable talent of catches Over Shadow The story" Innsmouth "by legendary writer and transforms into a delectable adventurous film horror.

The story deals with the legend of Dagon, a dark sea deity which is worshipped on Imboca village on the Spanish coast. The village is forced to befriend a young couple, Paul and Barbara, to find help for another friendly pair that is trapped in the boat were nearby. The company enjoyed the vacation until the sailboat of crashed on the rocks after a sudden storm by trapping one pair. While Paul returns to the boat with the ship two natives, his girlfriend tries to find help in the village and to contact the police.

The Paul returning without finding their friends go to meet Barbara at the hotel small village but things did not evolve as expected. The Barbara has become elusive and the villagers show completely wacky. Some even show strange deformities and chugging strange, like to koytsainoyn. Paul soon realizes that the residents want to capture for some mysterious reason and tries in every way to escape and find his girlfriend on Imboca dark sites. There he discovers the occult history of the village that is now a place of worship of a deity, mochthiris of Dagon, which comes from the depths of the sea and seeks human sacrifice but also women for mating!

Horror Trivia

The film is dedicated to the memory of Francisco Rabal who in "Dagon" gave his last great performance …

"Dagon" gaining in popularity for many reasons. In principle is an extremely faithful transfer of Lovecraft's work in film. Features a dark atmosphere and dark photo and a fast enough pace that lets not breathe. In any endeavor of desperate Paul to be spared from evil that found him getting some surprising encounter. A hallmark of the mystery of ' Dagon ' are dreams that she sees the protagonist and which only unrelated developments is not making the scene even more interesting.

The gore is present and there are some scenes of anthology that require strong stomach as a creepy face mangling. Is satisfactory and the recounting of past Imboca from a drunkard beggar whom he impersonates the great Francisco Rabal (Viridiana, Nazarin) who abandoned us in 2001. The story, though, is ultimately convincing fairy and matching with the mystical atmosphere that give off Lovecraft's works. If you're a fan of Lovecraft would certainly enjoy the ' Dagon ' while others will find it at least fun. All but we should draw the hat once in Stuart Gordon showed that he is here and always able to succeed in the difficult challenges. But we must not ignore and big fan of Lovecraft Brian Yuzna who with fresh production gave the air he needed to ' Dagon '. Well done guys!


Movie Highlights

  • The chilling image that Paul finds the corpse of one of his friends in extremely shabby condition!
  • A gruesome mangling their perpetrators face locals who will stay for long in memory … If physically bear to watch it.
  • Dagon can not appear in the film despite once only, but this is enough to shock us with the remains they left behind.

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Successful transfer of labkraftianis history, plenty of suspense, eye-catching effects, successful makeup, some very harsh scenes of violence, eerie and threatening atmosphere.


Some moments are given the impression that the film go to become overly kartoynistiko and fantasy, temporarily eliminating the pure terrors that displays in large part.

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Remarkable and unexpected faithful transfer of H.P. Lovecraft short story feature which can make nice and to the uninitiated in labkraftiani literature.

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