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Cub (2014)

Cub (2014)

by 27/08/2015
In "Cub Scout team a" man camps in the Woods. But what they don't know is that Scouts in the region resides a paranoid killer along with an aggressive masked kid having plenty of deadly traps.

Jonas Govaerts


Peter De Maegd


Jonas Govaerts
Roel Mondelaers


Stef Aerts, Evelien Bosmans, Titus De Voogdt, Maurice Luijten, Gill Eeckelaert,
Jan Hammenecker, Noa Tambwe Kabati, Ricko Otto


Steve Moore

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής


Γνωστή και ως


Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος



84 Minutes (1 hour 24 Minutes)






Be prepared




Slasher we've seen dozens of. Slasher but where the victims are Scouts don't see often. The film, which we will describe in this criticism comes from Belgium and brings with her a cool breeze renewal character but without to do and great surprise. This is the "Cub" or "Welp ' as is the original title and is the first full length movie of Director of Jonas Govaerts.

Some proskopakia are camping out along with the greatest age their squad leaders in the forest. Various legends about monsters and werewolves are associated with the particular area but most Scouts do not seem to believe … Besides Sam stood there. The kid in question claims he saw a strange beast in the forest and becomes ridiculous in front of the other. However, a monster more humane than them all sorts of legends actually resides in the forest. This is a maniacal murderer who along with a fierce masked small fry who instructs, prepares to exterminate the Scouts with both direct actions and with the deadly traps that is installed into the forest.

Horror Trivia

The film was partly financed by the public through Indiegogo platform.

welp cub mask

The mask

The "Cub" has nothing to envy in many American horror films clumps. He manages to seem a bit fresher and independent thanks to the imaginative direction of its creator. The intricate deadly traps, the duo adult murderer-maskoforoy child, the vibrant electronic music that is inserted into the appropriate timing and great toppling of finishing are triumph inspiration and creativity of film actors. Remarkable is also the acting regardless of age.

On the other hand, the obvious good work of the creators of the ' Cub ' shows some shortcomings that surely will not go unnoticed by the majority of viewers. For example, the relationship killer-maskoforoy the child did not adequately explains something that is true for the shocking reversal of the finale and the characters involved in it. Not generally has become so meticulous work in the field of characters without depriving the enjoyment we get from the "Cub".

In conclusion, the "Cub" is a pleasant addition to the modern horror scene, coming from a country not renowned for its plethora of good horror films. This is one of the best that has slashed the Belgium, not just in recent years but throughout the poor history of horror.


Movie Review Highlights
  • The murder of a young man from the trap that mobilizes except arrow and a bee's nest causing the victim to find tragic death!
  • The crushing of a victim from tree trunks.
  • The tragic scene of the serial killing young Scouts in their onstage by pressing them with his truck.
  • The shocking revelation in the finale.


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cub poster cub 2014 cub dvd cub review


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The inspired idea of traps in the Woods, good interpretations, sublime electronic music which intensifies the suspense.


The incomplete development of most characters and the lack of satisfactory explanations of twists in the film.

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Little surprise from Belgium that enriches the slasher idiom with flakes of fresh ideas.

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