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Cronos (1993)
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Cronos (1993)

by 11/09/2013
The central theme of ' Cronos ' is a Renaissance origin device that gives the bearer of eternal life making him a vampire. The device possesses an old antique seller but a conceited elderly businessman seeks to get her.

Guillermo del Toro


Arthur H. Gorson, Bertha Navarro, Alejandro Springall


Guillermo del Toro


Federico Luppi, Ron Perlman, Claudio Brook, Margarita Isabel, Tamara Shanath


Javier Álvarez

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Fondo de Fomento Cinematográfico, Grupo del Toro, Instituto Mexicano de Cinematografía, Productions Iguana, Universidad de Guadalajara, Vetana Films


1 Hour and 34 Minutes (94 Minutes)




Spanish, English



Box Office





This is the first complete work of Guillermo del Toro great and the first of many collaborations with Ron Perlman and Federico Luppi. The truth is that the ' Cronos ' is somewhat scarce and relatively unknown in Greece, with the largest promotion dropped in subsequent films by Mexican filmmaker (partly justified). It is worthwhile therefore to recall this nice atmospheric horror film, not just for historical reasons.

The del Toro since it debuted here, depicting his mania for insects. Here she does in an original way by placing a bug inside a small strange machine (a little smaller than an adult Palm) whose construction is charged an alchemist of the 16th century. The Alchemist created the machine, giving them the power to gives eternal life to the holder that the exploits but of course with the corresponding price: eternal life in the form of a vampire who thirst for human blood! After the requisite mystical import's film takes us into the modern age where the machine is owned by an elderly master which operated antique store. The seller who is the protagonist of the work soon realizes the unprecedented capacity of the machine and use it for his fascination without serious resistance arises the temptation. At the same time, however, the valuable object strives to acquire an obnoxious businessman who stands with one foot in the grave. Fatal collision occurs with uncertain outcome …

Horror Trivia

The Guillermo del Toro began writing the screenplay for "Cronos" already since 1984 and then gave his work the most prestigious title "Grey Dawn of the Vampire".

In ' Cronos ' del Toro succeeds in presenting the topic of vampirism through the scope of family love and garnished it with mystical touches of Alchemy. His work is unquestionably artistic, sophisticated, "difficult" and probably not intended for large mass that prefers more directly and bluntly horror film. The interpretations are serious, dark atmosphere omnipresent and the dramatic plot ultimately manages to excite even the most skliropetsoys. Especially the protagonist's relationship-seller antiques with his granddaughter mute inmate brimming with intense feelings of love and devotion. However the Mexican debut displays and shocking shortcomings by major the slow pace and some imperfections in the scenario. Apparently the script is not the strongest point of del Toro (except for "Labyrinth Pan's») and" Cronos it "becomes evident. The low-quality makeup and that bothers me a bit but not as much as the two points that we have highlighted.

Anyway this shouldn't stop you from find and see this bizarre, separate film by Mexican Director. Can be advertised as a horror movie with vampires but don't expect plenty bampirikwn elements found in most vampire movies. Here the vampirism offered Mesta, balanced, leaving place for the emergence of additional lyric elements.




  1. The agonizing effort of the protagonist to consume blood in the male toilets.
  2. Detailed shots through the machine of immortality.
  3. The dramatic finale where "love" emerges in the Redeemer.


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Fairy and dark atmosphere, dramatic climate that touches.


Slow, problems in the scenario, moderate makeup.

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A remarkable debut from a special and great Director today.

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