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Creepshow (1982)

Creepshow (1982)

by 11/07/2014
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Creep Show


2 Hours (120 Minutes)


The Most Fun You'll Ever Have... BEING SCARED!
Five Jolting Tales of Horror!



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 Case: The "Creepshow" is composed of five horror stories with the seal of Stephen King and George Romero.


Five horror stories from the pen of Stephen King's horror poetry King and directed by the Great George Romero have resulted in "Creepshow" 1982. It is a tribute to EC Comics of the 1950s whose themes related to terror and not only. The three stories were written by Stephen King specifically for the film (Fathers ' Day, Something to Tide You Over, They ' re Creeping Up on You) while the other two were from previous small narratives (The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verill, The Crate). In the introduction we see his son Stephen King to impersonates a stood his father forbids him to read horror comics, even tossing in the trash the Creepshow comic. But the scary creature that appears in the window who has another view and introduces us to five stories.

Fathers ' Day: A twisted father who was murdered by his daughter the time demanded insistently cake, returns from the grave to avenge along with the heirs of the estate. The jazz story is, is dark, the form of his dead father causes a mild shudders, but the narrative psilokoyrazei.

The Lonesome Death of Jordy Verill: One man's show is this story and starring Stephen King himself. Masquerades as a naive and charged farmer once he discovers the vestige of a Meteor near the farm, collects in the hope that it will yield big profits. Unfortunately for the farmer green substance that releases the Meteor bring unpleasant consequences for him and gradually a lush vegetation begins to grow endlessly in the body of the unfortunate man. The story is not frightening but funny and dramatic at the same time.

Something to Tide You Over: In this story the protagonist lies in Leslie Nielsen's face who embodies a psychopathic wife who punishes his wife and her lover in a peculiar way. The bury in the sand of a beach leaving only their head to protrude. There you have a chance to survive if they successfully keep their breath when the waves arrive. It is the story of revenge and the cast offers very good performances. Knit story in agony without loosing the funny angle of anywhere.

The Crate: the caretaker of a college discovers in the basement of building a wooden box sealed by the 19th century. The teacher informs Dexter Stanley and opened the box containing a horrible surprise: a carnivorous creature unidentified which plagues those who approach you. The Professor asks Dexter panicky the help of his colleague Henry Northrup to get rid of the dangerous box but he has a different opinion on its usefulness. You see … not withstanding the Harpy wife (Adrienne Barbeau)! It is perhaps the best story of all. Has gore, the creature is well-made and terrifying while the plot and performances stand at satisfactory levels.

They're Creeping Up on You: in this tale of witnessing the agonizing battle that gives an arrogant and vicious businessman with hordes katsaridwn at his apartment. Not bad but the roaches and just make it creepy. The story keeps standing interpretation of E.G. Marshall in the role of psychakia businessman who fears each microorganism.

Horror Trivia

Rumor has it that the last story (They're Creeping Up On You!) the role of the paranoid mogul initially was going to play the great Swedish actor Max von Sydow.

In conclusion, the "Creepshow" has those characteristics that make it a fun horror movie. Until now estimated as "classic" by many fans of the genre rather than its weaknesses. But certainly from Stephen King collaboration and George Romero have expected more things.


Movie Highlights

  • A severed head served on a plate from the first story!
  • The wild side and the murderous fury of monstrous creature of the fourth story.
  • The possibility of cockroaches to tear flesh as given in the last disgusting story!

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Participation of important actors, the monster of 4 story, very good interpretation of E.G. Marshall in recent history.


Uneven quality stories, the fact that today most stories seem somewhat harmless and ' baby '.

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Classic horror anthology that today the radiation has faded noticeably. However seen enjoyably despite the "wear" of the important actors and staff helps to become memorable.

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