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Cornered! -Careful What you wish for (2009)

Cornered! -Careful What you wish for (2009)

by 01/07/2014
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1 Hour and 27 Minutes (87 Minutes)




 Plot: in the ' Cornered! "a group of people becomes a crazed killer into a mini market during the night.

The slasheraki this appears at the end of the decade 2000-2009 and leaves a relatively good impressions. The case unfolds basically in a mini market where various well-known people learn the news about a paranoid bloodthirsty killer who lately shocking society with the brutal killing of works in stores that have a monitoring circuit. You see … the serial killer has the Vice and watching videotaped his exploits collecting relevant material from the scene of the crime! This company then begins some time describes how she would like to perform the maniac if he fell into their hands and the ways it is admittedly extremely brutal and sadistic!

After the store closed, this company will remain within the shop and will be devoted to a long, night poker game. Unfortunately for these people, the masked blooded killer will invade secretly in the shop and will start to destroy them one by one with … (you guessed it) … How exactly that perigrapsane that will kill themselves earlier! Watch short an all-night struggle for survival but is not at all boring, in contrast with the touches of humor evolve quite entertaining! All characters are "one and one" and deserve special mention. We have decadent junkies who lacks the dose and raving, the chubby hot line operator professional lines that meet at a distance the appetites of customers, the manic ntonatofilo peinala that plagues the Donuts in machine-gun rhythm, young hot slut who is having problems with the ' work ' and ' heavy ' shopkeeper fired profusely dirty one-liners for almost anything he hears or sees around him.

Horror Trivia

Beer drinking participants called "Maze" by the surname of Director Daniel Maze.

Murders stood at satisfactory levels of conflict, though not many in number. There he loses the film, is in somewhat simplistic storyline and the predictability as it is relatively easy, even for the inexperienced Viewer to predict the identity of the murderer. In General however the Cornered despite whatever glitches seen Jolly, especially with good friends, junk food and sodas or beers. The combination of horror and comedy (the school slasher) is generally neat and does not escape to endless levels of folly, as can happen with such films. Certainly not go unnoticed, is nice and passes the "basis" but certainly didn't impress. In the oldest slasherakides film could remind the much more violent "Intruder" of 1989.

Cornered !

Movie Highlights

  • The inspiring and hot lines of pachoylis tilefwnitrias is all the money!
  • The impressive, ' beheading ' argosyrtos towards the end of the film. Oh yeah…

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Variety series characters, enjoyable mood, funny sayings, few spectacular murders.


Medium scenario with several formalities, predictable plot.

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Enjoyable film that interweaves successful terror, slaughter and humor. What you need for your Saturday with friends and ' masampoyka '!

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