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Cold Prey (2006)

Cold Prey (2006)

by 27/07/2016
In "Cold Prey" five friends go for skiing in the snowy mountains of the Norwegian province and end up in an abandoned hotel where murdered by a ruthless maniac. Basic weapon of manic ... the kasmas!

Roar Uthaug


Martin Sundland, Magne Lyngner


Thomas Moldestad


Ingrid Bolsø Berdal, Rolf Kristian Larsen, Viktoria Winge, Endre Martin Midtstigen, Tomas Alf Larsen


Magnus Beite

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής


Γνωστή και ως

Prepare For Your Final Descent

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

Fritt Vilt


1 Hour and 37 Minutes (97 Minutes)





Box Office





Can this kalogyrismeno Norwegian slasher not surprising nor to offer something innovative in the scene of terror, but that does not make it passes unnoticed. The reasons are basically two: a) the snowy surroundings of Norwegian province that seems as the perfect host for a series of murders aimatobammenwn b) the quality of direction in General that is far superior to and more serious than many youthful slasher series.

But let us be more specific. In principle the ' Cold ' Pray (Fritt Vilt the original Norwegian title) displays the basic cliches of slasher film found since the 1980s as the chazoparees teenagers who go on holiday, the terrifying pranks with each other, the fault of the media etc. OK it may not be the most typical slasher but never ceases to maintain "klisarismeni" image throughout its duration. But seeking elements that differentiate it, becoming something we find …

Horror Trivia

The creation of the film resembles Calvary when you consider that filmed in snowy Norwegian Jotunheimen mountains with temperature-25 degrees and that the equipment was transferred there by helicopter. It is no coincidence that the shooting lasted for about two years.

The icy mountain setting with the relentless snowstorm is not so common in this subcategory (exochi and camping are the lead) and we would say that intensifies the sense of menace and dread making the possibility of escape and survival of victims even more difficult. Another advantage lies in decent performances usually in slasher is one of the most common weaknesses. Norwegian actors putting the glasses in many American counterparts here. On the plus side I sygkatalegame and unpredictable finale where they are given the necessary explanations for the nature of the beastly killer.

No need to say anything else. If you like slasher, then the ' Pray ' Cold must be one of the next choices. May not be the most bloodstained that you've seen, but it contains other good items that outweigh any "shortcomings" in buckets of blood. For the story to mention that there is the remarkable sequel of 2008 but a mediocre prequel of 2010.

Cold Prey

Movie Review Highlights
  • The impressive first murder where the victim reaches close to "Salvation" but is unable to save.
  • The agonizing scene of the killer flies an corpses in the ravine.
  • The shocking revelation of the finale for the identity of the murderer.


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cold prey


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Sensational Slayer, good interpretations, rich suspense, enchanting snowy environment but also ideal for horror film/slasher.


The usual case scenario with many clichés that characterize the slasher.

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Decent slasher and probably one of the best of the past decade.

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