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Christine (1983)

Christine (1983)

by 08/06/2014
In "Christine" ultimate heroine is the car with the same name. This haunted 1958 Plymouth charms up paranoia a teen who buys and then the demonic vehicle turns against those who come between them or are hostile to those versed.

John Carpenter


Richard Kobritz, Larry J. Franco


Bill Phillips


Stephen King


Keith Gordon, John Stockwell, Alexandra Paul, Robert Prosky, Harry Dean Stanton


John Carpenter, Alan Howarth

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Columbia Pictures Corporation, Delphi Premier Productions, Polar Film

Γνωστή και ως

John Carpenter's Christine


1 Hour and 50 Minutes (110 Minutes)






She'll possess you. Then destroy you. She's death on wheels. She's...
Once she lures you behind her wheel...You're all hers.
Body by Plymouth. Soul by Satan.
Seductive. Passionate. Possessive. Say hello to Christine...Your Girlfriend The Car.
Hell hath no a 1958 Plymouth.
She was born bad. Plain and simple. Somewhere deep on a darkened assembly line. Christine. A '58 Plymouth Fury possessed by Hell. She's taken control of her teenage owner, Arnie. Her previous owner is not alive to warn him. And now she's steering straight for the one person in her way. Arnie's girlfriend, Leigh. The other woman.



Box Office

$21.017.849 (έως 22 Οκτωβρίου 2010)




One of the most successful metaphors of Stephen King books on tape is undoubtedly the "Christine". With the seal of the great Director John Carpenter will hardly fail after all. The script is original, successful execution and by many considered classic horror film anymore.

The central theme of "Christine" is the growing passion of the young Arnie for car ' Christine ' (the 1958 Plymouth Fury) which gradually evolves into a dangerous paranoia. The normally flwriko Arnie is a schoolboy who distracts the sneer of most rwmalewn schoolchildren. Unique friend Dennis in which go together in high school and exchange views on life and women. Everything will change radically when Arnie will detect the Red fatal car to an old estate where you will buy from the bizarre owner at high price. The Arnie is katagoiteymenos from his new acquisition and soon goes into a workshop for the necessary "lifting". Despite the grumbling of his parents who disagree with the choice of 17-year-old son, Arnie continues to obsessively deals with car while developing love affair with a presentable classmate.

Horror Trivia

In the film, I almost took the role of starring the then young Kevin Bacon but eventually the talented Kevin preferred the title role in "Footloose" that was released in 1984.

John Carpenter CHRISTINE

Along the way it is shown how dangerous it was Christine's market. The Arnie begins to lose his mind and passion with Christine in extent outrageous. Also the car is "alive" and possessed by diabolical tendencies. After an attempt to kill the girlfriend of Arnie, followed by assaulting four peers who earlier had secretly entered the garage who parked making her a smparalia and chwneyan not far from the driver. Restless Arnie's girlfriend with whom her relationship now bent, informs the glued (Dennis) happening, ekmystireyontas of bad premonition for the vicious nature of the car. The two of them must now stop the Arnie and Christine before caused new predicaments. Their mission is not easy, of course.

To emphasize that within the many positive elements there are some amateur interpretations without affecting particularly the good image of the film. I also believe that the film lifted slightly above blood after the murder is quite "discreet". With such lethal means could certainly become more impressive work in the field of gore. However the ' Christine ' seems to win the bet and time remembered as one of the most remarkable and unique efforts of the Carpenter who brought out a demanding endeavor transferring the hard King in cinema.


Movie Highlights

  • The scene at the beginning where the hood of Christine "pulping" hand of an unfortunate engineer.
  • The eerie scene Christine smparaliasmeni ' aytogiatreyetai ' salemenoy's eyes the youngster.


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Successful transfer of Stephen King's book, dark atmosphere at intervals, convincing dramatic evolution.


Lack of gore, a few unsatisfactory interpretations.

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Rightly considered a classic horror film, although "technically" is definitely not a masterpiece.

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