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Choose-choose Death (2010)

Choose-choose Death (2010)

by 06/08/2014
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7th Floor, Choose Films


1 Hour and 23 Minutes (83 Minutes)


He makes the rules. You make the choice.
The past catches up to everyone.


 Case: ' Choose ' focuses on a maniac who tortures his victims forcing them to make a stressful choice with deadly or hideous result. In the wake of manic is a journalism student and Detective father.

Seeing the correlation line with "Saw" on the cover of this film and of course not got carried away nor thrilled! Obviously – and what would have happened to many of you – ordinary public solicitation of quotes like this that has the "Choose" on the cover (from a comment at Fright Fest) does not always correspond to the real value of every film and we must be wary. Because the ' Choose ' not enough greatness, intensity and dynamics of "Saw" in any case I write without any bias.

The pattern of serial killer that causes evil under seemingly an intricate plan is a centrepiece of the plot of "Choose". The dynamic start where a young girl is forced by the murderer to kill one of her parents is encouraging for the sequel. Other high intensity a scene with the victim being called to save either the hearing or the fingers of his hand, continues to keep us stranded despite occasional weaknesses that have risen to the surface slowly. After a while though the film notes deep downturn from which it never returns. Pity, because it seems that there were conditions to go better.

Horror Trivia

The "Choose" is the first and so far only film Director Marcus Graves.

The leading duo comprising the great Kevin Pollak and Katheryn Winnick engaging (that many latrepsane through the tv series "Vikings") doesn't show at all tight. Especially the Pollak seems to perform a chore playing at "Choose" to contrast with the beautiful Canadian partner that has gotten much more seriously its role. The main problem, however, is the inability to sustain interest. The script is full of absurdities and facilities while the vast majority of numerous characters seems to be completely unfounded, decorative role. See e.g. friends of the actress to enter suddenly to her house and to present withdrawn after "invalid" the heroine without playing any essential role then.

Another bottleneck is the tsapatsoyliki and klisarismeni connection of the serial killer with the protagonist's past but better not say more to avoid spoilers. Beyond the negatives that were reported, "Choose" and suffers from inadequate and anempneysto finish intensifying even more frustration that we receive. The gore is not negligible but judging by the overall concept the expect richer.
Certainly the "Choose" is not of the worst horror movies of recent years and occasionally we come across a few good ideas. Turns out but hopelessly inferior expectations for something better that it creates.


Movie Highlights

  • The dynamic start where a girl is forced by the manic to choose whether to kill her mother or her father.
  • Another dynamic and stressful scene where a pianist threatened by paranoid must choose which one will lose: the fingers of the hand or the ear? Really very unpleasant choice for a pianist!
  • The creepy video with controversial psychological experiments done in young children.

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Some very exciting scenes, convincing protagonist, interesting case, well-made effects.


Weak direction, faulty scenario with weakness of conservation interest, indifferent characters, mediocre performances, inadequate utilization and development of characters, disappointing finish.

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Dynamically starts but loses much of the dynamics of the remainder. The ' Choose ' presents a general interest but short on many points and ultimately disappoints.

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