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Child’s Play (1988)

Child’s Play (1988)

by 21/11/2013
In ' Child's ' Play a serial killer penetrates through spells in a Doll House and unleashes his revenge against former partners and not only. At the same time seeking to get into the body stood holding the particular doll in order to regain the human condition.

Tom Holland


David Kirschner


Don Mancini, John Lafia, Tom Holland


Don Mancini


Catherine Hicks, Chris Sarandon


Joe Renzetti

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

United Artists

Γνωστή και ως

"Blood Brother", "Blood Buddy"


1 Hour and 27 Minutes (87 Minutes)






"You'll wish it was only make-believe", "Andy Barclay has a new playmate who's in no mood to play", "This doll is killer", "Chucky is one mean S.O.B", "Something's moved in with the Barclay family, and so has terror".



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General horror movies with dolls is controversial. From some discarded en masse because of "naivety" and the comic element that fateful pooping outwards when the villain is a baby doll or more. It is not a minority viewpoint that sees little or no eerie. Others see more about jazz, to spend a fun 90lepto and not because they are waiting to see something really scary. On the other hand there is and that the portion of fans who identify a frightening hidden charm in view of a live doll with threatening moods. Let's not forget that there is also the audience of pitsirikiwn in which such films provoke stronger feelings of terror from the greatest, precisely because of childhood but also because in place of evil is a game that is not very different from their own.

As I happened to several horror film enthusiasts in their childhood, so to me the first impression you left me "Play Child's" when I first saw the kid was a worrying annoyance, a quiver, a spooky feeling. Sometimes I may be subject to certain games. The pompous name released in Greek market certainly caused sensation and the form of the doll which was not the most virtuous. Arguably the Chucky (the doll's name) and total "Child's Play» succeeds in vividly imprinted in memory each stood will attempt to compete with him.

Horror Trivia: the name of the killer who occupies the body of Charles Lee Ray doll in "Play Child's", comes from real killers that shook the U.S. daily life. This is the terrible Charles Manson, Lee Harvey Oswald (the assassin of President Kennedy) and James Earl Ray (the assassin of Martin Luther King).

Regarding the film now, it all starts a winter night in a toy store in Chicago. The Chucky gains life when a heavily wounded by police gunfire during serial killer named Charles Lee Ray transmits his soul into the body of a doll of the shop through a Voodoo spell. The doll will be found soon in possession of little Andy as a birthday gift. The kid wanted too such a doll that was circulating then marketed under the generic name "Good Guy" and his mother's not spoiled a favor. What we don't know yet beyond the small doll is that Andy is not what it seems. Being alive is beginning to direct his moves in Andy's objectives (i.e. of the trapped in the body of the criminal Charles Lee Ray). The Charles Lee Ray via Chucky served briefly in a vengeful murder orientation fit against those who brought him in this uncomfortable position as former associates and the policeman shot him. At the same time trying to find a way to ' escape ' from the doll's body, something that can be achieved only if you understand the body of little Andy through a special spell. Will allow Andy to convince his mother to the actual killing of Chucky identity and the upcoming danger before it's too late?

The movie despite the metriotita scenario is well-made (Tom Holland is that!), has a menacing atmosphere, there is a tension, anxious moments, nice effects, as well as some stylish murders which contribute powerfully to the whole effort. The interpretations are generally good judging that the actors had to look convincing on a horror movie with mostly ' baby ' orientation. Ultimate star Chucky is, of course, the form of which when manifesting his identity is particularly threatening and well-made. Ultimately the "Play Child's" managed to establish itself in the minds of several spectators as classic in the subcategory and not only. The Chucky will always symbolize the number one murderous doll horror on site which later through the sequels that followed further spread its reputation and thus haunted the dreams of many kids. But the beginning was with this film of 1988 and despite the initial questioning and the parents ' protests about the "Play Child's" cause violent behavior in children, has finally managed to consolidate the momentum and create a timeless cult hero who was loved by many. Even after 23 years ' Play ' Child's seen with pleasure without look outdated. Respect…

Child's Play


  • The first murder of his mother's friend Andy who undertook to watch for one night. The scene is atmospheric, dark and is the ideal start for what is beyond.
  • The "f * ck you" Chucky's for an old lady who called him ugly doll like stepping out of the elevator.
  • Intense moments of the finale with the Chucky gets even more menacing form!


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Child's Play (1988)

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Successful effects, establishment of an even evil protagonist into the Pantheon of horror films, inspired murders, being threatening atmosphere especially until xepsarwsei the Chucky.


Defects and simplifications in the scenario, the controversial "kiddie" nature.

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Arguably it is the protagonist of horror films with dolls. Whether you like still in horror audience is another matter. The author however approve despite the chronakia that carries on the backs of the Chucky.

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