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The Children (2008)

The Children (2008)

by 27/09/2015
In "The Children" watching the changing behaviour of young children of two families for something ... very diabolical. Children begin to attack their parents in order to exterminate them!

Tom Shankland


Allan Niblo, James Richardson


Tom Shankland, Paul Andrew Williams


Eva Birthistle, Hannah Tointon


Stephen Hilton

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Screen West Midlands, BBC Films, Aramid Entertainment, Barnsnape Films

Γνωστή και ως

The Day


1 Hour and 24 Minutes (84 Minutes)


United Kingdom




You brought them into this world. Now ... They will take you out.




Killing children potentially not-so-desirable matter in circles of friends of terror. Definitely seeing innocent creatures including six children into killing machines is not so pleasant sight for some, especially when children are recipients of violence from the candidate their victims. To do an objective-as-criticism in British ' The Children ' should skip the above psychological Skopelos.

Evaluating free from all kinds of sensitivities in this film, we see that is a pleasant surprise of parikmasmenoy in recent years British horror cinema. Picking out a not-so-common threat in the field of horror, she of the spiral small malicious children, ' The Children ' axioprepestata stands offering something less than 90 minutes of genuine terror and bloody violence. Abusers of children, victims of adult parents. Really and just the idea of causing evil to thy parents creates a first shock.

The events take place in the snowy countryside, secluded in one of the two families. It is Christmas and holiday period which gives an even more unpleasant tone in dramatic events that will follow. The first signs of change are vomiting. Then some psarwtika close-ups of their eyes gives us to understand that the bloody party will soon begin.


Little affection I said …

Horror Trivia

The tattoo with the infant has the teenage protagonist in her tummy is the cover of the album Ágætis byrjun of Icelandic band Sigur Rós rock.

And indeed so it becomes the first victim of a father that children placed in a sled to throw him unknowingly on sharp hooks with fatal results! Follow agonized scenes full of horror and plenty of blood. Adults are usually the victims but the only teenage friendship with Emo appearance has realized the mutation of children and their accomplishes to reciprocate the violence until a point. But not easily believable by all adults.

Watching "The Children" certainly will Balk, you'll definitely feel shock and concern in many scenes. The Director is careful with the Director to choose intelligently switches between shots during murder scenes, reflecting developments in other areas of the region where the unfolding carnage. Good work has been done on the face of the children showing quite frightening. Where we broke down the film, is the lack of adequate responses on the whole concept.

However if you want a decent and truly terrifying horror movie from the later period of British horror scene, ' The Children ' could easily be one of the first choices.

The Children

Movie Review Highlights
  • The fatal crash of an unfortunate adult head on over to hooks.
  • A grisly eye pencil with nailing.
  • The gruesome killing of a child by pulling on sharp wood door broken.


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Some very impressive murders, ideal secluded environment evolution of events, good performances from everyone, meticulous Director with smart plans changes that intensify the shock.


The incomplete answers/explanations on changing behaviour of children. Also in a few cases the behaviors of some people are not so realistic.

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Among the most notable horror films of modern British cinema.

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