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Cat People-The Witch's Kiss (1942)

Cat People-The Witch's Kiss (1942)

by 29/05/2016
In "Cat People" a man falls in love with and married a refugee from Serbia which is afraid that if given sex will be transformed in terrifying feline of popular traditions of her homeland.

Jacques Tourneur


Val Lewton


DeWitt Bodeen


Val Lewton


Simone Simon, Kent Smith, Tom Conway, Jane Randolph, Jack Holt


Roy Webb

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

RKO Radio Pictures

Γνωστή και ως

Οι Άνθρωποι Γάτες

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

Cat People


1 Hour and 13 Minutes (73 Minutes)




English, Czech, Slovak


The strangest story you ever tried to get out of your dreams!



Box Office

$8.000.000 ( έως 04/03/2013)




From the Director of the classic film noir "Out of the Past" (1947), Jacques Tourneur comes this exquisite low-budget horror films but great value and rich heritage in the horror genre. "Cat People" is one of the leading works of French Director who specialized in low budget horror film being one of the most important representatives.

cat people reviewTo "Cat People" comes straight to the chase and introduces the two main protagonists, Irena and Oliver. The Irena is a seductive immigrant from Serbia who works as a fashion designer. The Oliver an ordinary American who is professionally engaged in ship design. Two people fall in love and soon Flash rolled up with the bonds of marriage. But Irena is not so normal as originally seemed. Possessed by otherworldly phobias for some creatures known as "people-cats" of popular legends of the country. Afraid that if it comes to erotic intercourse with her husband will be transformed into man-cat and do evil.

He tries to reassure by mobilizing all means at its disposal. In vain, however, as fears of the women seems to be firm. Tangled in this difficult situation the Oliver begins to drift away from Irena and falls in love with a good looking colleague. The annoyance of Irena is evident for the infidelity of her husband and the behavior changes. The sequel will show whether the Serbian tradition for people-cats is true or not …

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The film was shot in 18 days and due to the limited budget used sets from Orson Welles's film "The Magnificent Ambersons".

simone simonThe film is based on The short story Bagheeta author Val Lewton delivered in 1930. It stands out for its excellent and full of inventiveness and directed by Jacques Tourneur establishing one of the most widely used techniques in scene of terror known as Lewton Bus. Essentially it is the abrupt discontinuation of an accumulation of terrible images/scenes from something ordinary and harmless as the bus that stops the pursuit of his colleague Oliver from the menacing Irena.

Another brilliant directorial technique is playing with the shadows and the insistence on threatening shadow formations which replace the presence of the "plasma" that one would expect to see with the eyes of the Viewer. This method diaforopoioytan significantly from the norms of the era but not prevent the feeling of fear from the film. On the contrary it enhances and highlights.

cat people animate"Cat People" is a great work, full of emotions, dialogues and kalogrammenoys with very pleasant stream events alternating between psychological terror and eroticism. The psychoanalysis and the folklore complete the picture of this quality and separate horror movie while the dramatic ending with exquisite, "feline" allegory enchants.

For the story to say that the films impregnated a subordinate but not indifferent remake in 1982 starring Nastassja Kinski and Malcolm McDowel. Prefer however this "Cat People" in connection with the remake.

Cat People

Movie Review Highlights
  • The memorable scene in which the protagonist's colleague followed by Irena and essentially created the entire school horror techniques.
  • The very frightening scene that bullied hero's colleague in the hotel pool by a mysterious dark form.
  • The dramatic and intensely emotional finale.



curse of cat people cat people poster cat people


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Great direction with innovative techniques, great performances, dramatic atmosphere, solid script with charming dialogue.


The film could be a bit bolder in its depiction of violence but let's bear in mind that we are talking about the 1940s.

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One of the most charming film of the early classic horror film with original theme and intense emotions.

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