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Braindead-brain dead (1992)

Braindead-brain dead (1992)

by 31/01/2014
The mother of a young man bitten by an exotic "pontikopithiko" and gradually transforms into a carnivorous zombies. Then attacking several people of cycle thereby leading to further zombies wreak havoc. In "Braindead" enjoy all the incredible extent carnage and chaos.

Peter Jackson


Jim Booth


Peter Jackson, Stephen Sinclair, Fran Walsh


Stephen Sinclair


Timothy Balme, Diana Peñalver, Elizabeth Moody, Ian Watkin


Peter Dasent

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

WingNut Films, New Zealand Film Commission, Avalon/NFU Studios

Γνωστή και ως

Dead Alive


1 Hour and 44 Minutes (104 Min)


New Zealand




Some things won't stay down... even after they die.
There's something nasty in Lionel's cellar - His family!
You'll laugh yourself sick!
Prepare for complete mental shutdown...
The rot has set in....



Box Office





The "Braindead" (also known as "Dead Alive") is the ultimate splatter comedy-horror film. The creation of this Peter Jackson goes beyond any reasonable limits and no block engages in an endless bloody spree the likes of which are difficult to see in any movie genre. The slapstick and gore are at the zenith.

The case … There is simply no but this does not concern us at all since the film is meant to entertain us and manages to the fullest extent with the staggering Visual spectacle of. The introduction takes place in the fictional Skull island, the mythical place where forgotten fauna of ancient times still survives. There a group of inept explorers has captured a bizarre creature, something like a mix of monkey and rat. The team haunted by feral natives but eventually escapes and the animal is transported in a zoo in New Zealand. After the film has met the key players that will spur interest then reaches the crunch biting mother (Elizabeth) starring (Lionel) by the animal at the Zoo. The mother who is not and any unprotected Auntie, trample with fury your foykariariko pet but evil has already done! The bite reported to mother a terrible virus that transforms humans into bloodthirsty zombies. Lionel's mother gradually mutates into zombies manifesting wild moods in people who visited the House as the doctor and not only. (E) does not want too to start chaos and to stop any logic existed until then. From this point we watch a recital of violent and comic scenes simultaneously with countless scenes of anthology.

Horror Trivia

In the final scene of Mayhem with the lawn mower used 300 gallons of fake blood!

Bloody party is so enjoyable that you to not finish. Characters with the sophisticated interpretations suggest they enjoyed the party, while all of them are what we call "one and one". The kakomoytsoyni Harpy mother of Lionel, the Super priest with knowledge Karateka, naziara nurse with imikommeno head, elusive and zombie yperskantaliariko-infant who constantly glides from one point to another, the uncle Lionel's casting reminiscent of Bud Spencer and of course the leading duo, Lionel with its neighbor, Paquita in the mess and find time for love! The gore is so generous to the point that it no longer disgusts but rather entertain as a necessary component of the successful splatter-prescription slapstic "Braindead". Extremely is and the bloody effects of massacres like the makeup of metamorphic into zombies. Only obnoxious pontikopithikos of Sumatra is a little kartoynistikos but surprisingly blends perfectly with the crazy nature of film. This scale carnage rarely encounter in film. The historical value of "Braindead" is incalculable when you consider that went the logic of slapstic "The Evil Dead" several steps beyond making inspiring countless horror-zombie comedies that were released later and continue to move yet. EPIC!


Movie Highlights

  • The hilarious scene in which the eccentric priest unfolds his talent in martial arts xylokopwntas a group of alitampoyrwn in metamorphic zombies … until he eventually become zombies!
  • Zombie baby, fruit of the sexual encounter (!) between the nurse's and Papa zompiopoiimenoy! You said anything???
  • H legendary scene that the Lionel slashing, maims, kills (whatever lethal verb though put fit!) countless zombies with the lawn mower Shearer in richer perhaps bloodbath of world cinema!
  • The repulsive super-giant Lionel's mom that predominates in the crazy finale! Here just the Jackson takes us!


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Brain dead (1992)

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Endless bloodletting, wanton action, unique characters, amazing makeup, frenzied pace, unstoppable and successful humor. What else do we want?


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The ultimate comedy horror-zombie-slapstick-splatter and I don't know what else I want movie!

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