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All The Boys Love Mandy Lane-we all Crave The Mandy Lane (2006)

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane-we all Crave The Mandy Lane (2006)

by 31/08/2014
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1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)


This Summer Love Kills
There's something about Mandy all the boys love.
Everyone is dying to be with her. Someone is killing for it.
It's the kind of party where everyone gets wasted.
She's To Die For.



Box Office

$1.893.697 (έως 25-08-2013)


 Case: "All The Boys Love Mandy Lane" revolves around the teen sensuous Mandy Lane, all of her classmates want to throw on the bed but no one has succeeded so far. When the pretty girl is invited to a friend's ranch along with some still their peers to have, the number of guests is decreasing dramatically …

It is a peculiar horror films of the modern era that divided as few audiences and critics. "All The Boys Love Mandy Lane" incorporates elements from past schools of horror and film parakmiakoy like slasher sexploitation, and grindhouse aesthetic. Mandy Lane is the protagonist, as mentioned in the title of the film. This girl is the sex symbol of her school but still kept "pure" and "intact" after no boy has failed to ' throw '.

Sometime a wealthy schoolmate of Mandy Lane organizes a party at his parents ' Ranch in the province by inviting a few friends-peers and Mandy Lane itself. Unsurprisingly the Mandy Lane is besieged by males at the ranch but the picture spree and carefree is going to crash when a serial murdering the guests one by one. What can be and what his motives?

Horror Trivia

The ranch where the movie was filmed cemetery with over 60 tombs around the House. All the dead of graves stemmed from a city that no longer exists. Brrrr …

Although the "All The Boys Love Mandy Lane" seems how suffers from the cliches and the trivial patterns of juvenile slasher, features some elements that differentiate it from the masses. For example it is impossible not to be surprised by the imposing photograph of vast fields of the countryside that exudes desperation and despair. This pattern is due to directorial mastery of Tobe Hooper and his Texas for "Chain Saw Massacre" (1974). Besides, himself a filmmaker of "All The Boys Love Mandy Lane" has stated in an interview that he was influenced by the film Hooper.

The second important advantage is the startling finale. The subversive events unfolding leave us breathless adding several points in the film that until then seemed like another typical youthful slasher. Of course we must not be too enthusiastic as "The All Boys Love Mandy Lane" is far from being a great movie. The split between the critics apparently are not random. Downsides like not some boring dialogues, the slow tempo and the aforementioned clichés undercut the overall picture. But the final impression is absolutely positive. Even this sporadikotita of inventiveness of film is welcome.

All The Boys Love Mandy Lane

Movie Highlights

  • The dive pool death at the beginning of the project.
  • The atrocious murder of a girl that her oral cavity crumbles from karampinas blows!
  • The ingenious finale with a terrible warrant overturning that nails!

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Explosive protagonist, a great photo of despair from the surroundings of rantsoy, Frank grindhouse aesthetics, some very strong murder scenes, shocking finale with outstanding warrant reversal.


Slow pace, showing many clichés of slasher idiom, several anoysioi dialogues.

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It is a film that certainly divides. However the "All The Boys Love Mandy Lane" shows more positive elements and coupled with the subversive of finale wins our appreciation and a little applause.

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