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Bone Tomahawk-Axe From Bone (2015)

Bone Tomahawk-Axe From Bone (2015)

In "Bone Tomahawk» the disappearance in a Wild West town, a woman and a prisoner, leads the Sheriff of the city and three others in their quest ... Where it will end up, they didn't have surely imagine..!

S. Craig Zahler


Jack Heller, Dallas Sonnier


S. Craig Zahler


Kurt Russell, Patrick Wilson, Matthew Fox, Richard Jenkins, Lili Simmons, David Arquette, Sid Haig, Sean Young


Jeff Herriott, S. Craig Zahler

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Caliber Media Company

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

Bone Tomahawk


2 Hours and 12 Minutes (132 Minutes)


USA, Great Britain








Certainly the resurgence of western era is something that happens in the last few years to cinematographic events.. This does not happen and do not meet often, however, is a western combined with extreme horror elements. What happens when this kind of full in this movie, happens to be very good? Just promitheyesai the movie, sitting and watching.

Similar feelings I felt myself when I sat to watch this film … Being fond of the western era, the West in General and that includes being fond of acting of Kurt Russell, I was amazed with the anguish and the unparalleled atmosphere governing this movie. The film starts with loud scenes, ties after the case with items that will serve so that the horror scenes and the unknown make their appearance unique, especially in the last half hour ….

Horror Trivia

The screenplay was written by 2007 and filming lasted 21 days.

What to prwtopiaseis and how to give greater emphasis … In horrific sites of Wild West? The unstoppable anguish? In beautiful scenes? In Russell's play? Certainly these and many more will leave no grousing even the most demanding Viewer. The conclusion is that it is remarkable to see in 2015 to circulating quality horror creations with well-known actors and thoughtful cases. Let's hope that such projects will continue to come to the fore ….

Bone Tomahawk

Movie Review Highlights
  • The slashing of the throat with the good morning.
  • The gunplay that falls in the middle of the movie, when they go to xapostasoyn, and the unexpected turn that follows …
  • The horrific deaths of hostages at the end of the film.


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1. Atmosphere.
2. The unique places of the Wild West.
3.Russell.. Simply.
4. Original Screenplay and combination items.


That you don't understand when time passes ... hehe ...

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One of the new horror movies you see very pleasant, making a break from old horror masterpieces ...

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