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Blood River-The city's Dead (2009)

Blood River-The city's Dead (2009)

by 24/07/2016
The "Blood River" revolves around a married couple whose relationship is disrupted by an unknown man whom he encountered in a ghost town in the desert of Nevada.

Adam Mason


Timothy Patrick Cavanaugh, Mary Church, Patrick Ewald, Lee Librado, Adam Mason


Adam Mason, Simon Boyes


Dillon Borowski, Ian Duncan, Sarah Essex, Andrew Howard, Tess Panzer

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Epic Pictures Group


1 Hour and 44 Minutes (104 Min)








With a title that is opposed to the content, the "Blood River" travels in the American West and specifically in the inhospitable desert of Nevada. Somewhere there stands a ghost town which exists in reality! The film begins by introducing two of the three main characters, whom we see to travel by road in an endless highway of Nevada. It is the Summer and Clark, a married and seemingly happy couple, who are going to visit her parents Summer. The girl is indeed pregnant. Shortly before reaching into a motel, passing by an unknown man with cowboy look. The same guy see in motels overnight.

The next day continue their journey but the popping of rubber car sends them off the road injuring the passengers slightly. The Clark and Summer continue on foot until the nearest town but when they get there they find that the luck has them turned back on again as it is a ghost town, with no basic amenities, abandoned by its inhabitants. The city arrives the mysterious man we had seen earlier and recommended them as Joseph. While the Joseph promises to help the couple's relationship will be disturbed after some vague revelations has direct involvement the queer cowboy …

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The shooting of "Blood River" became the real ghost town Gold Point, Nevada which was depopulated after the closure of the overflow of shortly before the second World War and until the 1960s.

The "Blood River" is somewhat difficult to track. And not just talking about the unashamedly slow flow or to just four characters that appear in the project, but the entire concept that tries to highlight. Reference point is undeniably the lone traveler with the cowboy image embodied by a superb Andrew Howard (Limitless, I Spit On Your Grave, etc.). From the moment the nondescript Joseph entangled in the couple's adventure, begins an interesting mind game, which proves to be extremely stressful for the couple, and especially for Clark. Mystery surrounds the origin of Joseph as the real motives. The most experienced eye maybe you figured out his identity and this can be considered negligible disadvantage by some viewers.

Yes the "Blood River" isn't the most unpredictable psychological thriller but manages to maintain interest until the finale. There things make up a point as the film leaves wide room for various interpretations. The intense dialogues between Clark and Joseph's particular philosophical sermons of rempelou cowboy is one of the most dynamic moments of "Blood River", though a few times fall in the level of anoysias chatter. The "Blood River" may not faithfully reflect its name but is not dry of blood. Some violent scenes captured our attention sporadically but is there not the essence of the film.

The inhospitable landscape of hot desert, the abandoned town and sorrowfully music themes create a convincing atmosphere of despair which fits perfectly with the dramatic moments that experiencing the pair. Scenario on the other is limping in some places like the chemistry between the lead pair which seems kinda ' loose '. The "Blood River" is generally a movie that tries to filosofisei and look "cerebral". This manages incompletely from a point seems to lose its orientation. But fortunately not completely and the final image that remains is that of contentment. Again good to say …

Blood River

Movie Review Highlights
  • A creepy cut finger.
  • A shot in the head with gruesome results.


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The atmosphere of despair and hopelessness, wonderful music and fitting with the gloomy atmosphere of the film, an imposing photo of the desert of Nevada, some interesting dialogues and monologues.


Slow pace, some exaggerations and unrealistic statements in the script and in the reactions of the characters.

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Interesting psychological thriller with trumps the imposing photograph of the desert and the atmosphere of despair. Could make surprise if scenario was more sophisticated.

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