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A Blade In The Dark-Threat in the dark (1983)

A Blade In The Dark-Threat in the dark (1983)

by 09/06/2014
"A Blade in the Dark" focuses on a pianist who rents a villa in order to concentrate on the composition of a new horror movie soundtrack. However, the unexpected appearance of visitors including a maniacal murderer disrupt his stay.
Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

National Cinematografica, Nuova Dania Cinematografica

Γνωστή και ως

House of the Dark Stairway

Πρωτότυπος Τίτλος

La casa con la scala nel buio


1 Hour and 50 Minutes (110 Minutes)


When the lights go out, the knife goes in.


From the good times in the course of the Italian Director Lamberto Bava is that here the giallo/slasher from the first half of the 80 's. Following a long tradition in movies of this style, where the mystery and the bloody massacres are combined to offer a dynamic video experience, "A Blade in the Dark" is treading on familiar trails without meaning it lacks originality, freshness and inspiration.

Central figure in this film is a pianist who rents a villa in order to compose the music for a new horror movie. However, you will soon find in front of strange surprises involving young women who invade his home and disappear mysteriously, destroying part of the recording by an unknown person and suspicions about the existence of a killer who roams the area of the House. Virtually all of them seem to relate to the former tenant named Linda for which our hero tries to learn more and to unravel the mystery. The pianist is convinced that at least two girls who visited victims of the killer and perhaps corpses to lie somewhere in the House. The plot involved among others of the pianist girlfriend in which loads the obsessions of the existence of the killer and a nondescript mpanistirtzis maintainer who works in the building. Finally what is the secret of Linda and how it relates to the events unfolding?

Horror Info

"A Blade in the Dark" was originally intended for four separate episodes that will be shown in the Italian tv and at the end of each a murder would take place. Finally ended as a separate film as television makers considered too violent to be played on the television network.

Interesting case anyway which leaves no one indifferent. Especially when the killer begins to work eliminating his victims, the suspense rises to the vertical. A positive feature is the excellent music, basically by the piano of the central protagonist. There are also highly atmospheric scenes where the pianist psachoyleyei huge home through dark corridors and dark basements which manage to convey a genuine horror feeling to the Viewer. There he loses the film is on atsoympales interpretations that occur with some funny dialogues and on faulty lamination. The murder scenes are generally good without watching some yperploysio bloodbath. Of course this does not diminish the value of the film that doesn't rely so much on the bloodshed as the dark atmosphere and producing mystery.

Summary the "A Blade in the Dark" is a decent Italian giallo horror film school and recommended more for Saturday nights hanging out with friends and the appropriate feast.

A Blade In The Dark

Movie Highlights

  • The haunting piano music of protagonist contributes decisively to the creation of appropriate dark and threatening atmosphere.
  • The second murder where one unlucky girl sees her head becoming one with the sink and her hand nailed to the adjacent furniture by the murderer's knife!
  • The revelation of horrific secret the Linda in the finale.
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Well-written script with enough mystery, dark and menacing atmosphere, matching atmospheric music, 2-3 extremely violent killing, creepy environment within the corridors of the Villa where most shocking events unfold.


Bad and combining incongruous, some inadequate interpretations, some gullible dialogues.

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Interesting early 80s giallo. Apart from some obvious drawbacks manages both to scare and confuse the viewer be pleasantly with the mysterious and subversive script.

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