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The Black Water Vampire (2014)

The Black Water Vampire (2014)

by 01/08/2014
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BWV Productions, Ruthless Pictures

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Black Water Vampire


1 Hour and 22 Minutes (82 Minutes)


 Assumption: The ' Black Water Vampire "revolves around a family troupe that turns a documentary about a series of strange murders under Black Water. As the friends penetrate deeper and deeper into the crime scene, a mysterious figure watching them with wild moods …

Nobody disputes the immense heritage of classic anymore "The Blair Witch Project" (1999). Countless movies have adopted the found footage technique used so effectively in the film of Eduardo Sanchez/Daniel Myrick at the end of the 90s. The results were not always positive – as expected – and indeed the idiom was flooded from several moderate to bad movies that move incessantly until our days. ' Black Water ' Vampire belongs unfortunately in this undesirable category for a variety of reasons that we will see below.

The case has to do with some mysterious killings committed under u.s. Water Black. The victims were women and they were all one thing in common: their blood was drained off completely while throat brought them sign dagkwmatias. Another strange fact is the lack of lethal weapon as well as of any footprint or trace DNA at the scene of the crime. Although the authorities have already arrested and condemned a man as responsible for the killing, a local resident skeptikistria further investigates the case and with the help of three friends creates a documentary on the case of the murder of Black Water. The friends are not limited only to local interviews, police as well as his own man, but penetrate into the same area where committed the heinous crimes to find clues. Unfortunately for young researchers in their efforts is becoming dangerous as a freakish entity the following with no friendliness …

Horror Trivia

' Black Water ' Vampire is the maiden directorial work of Evan Tramel.

From the beginning of the ' Black Water ' Vampire evokes very vividly the climate and the structure of "The Blair Witch Project". As the story flows so multiply the similarities between them to the point they become troublesome and worrisome "suspicious". Yes it would be no exaggeration to describe the ' Black Water ' as Vampire-movie rip off of the Sanchez/Myrick. Only that here instead of witch we have vampire or something better like a vampire reminiscent of a deformed count Orlok of "Nosferatu" (1922). Ending earmarks one extra surprise but leaves a lot of gaps and unexplained points resulting in the work seems unfinished.

Ok, it may not be the worst film of found footage and brush occasionally experience some of the anguish of his protagonists, but don't imagine that you stick on your couch. Generally the ' Black Water ' Vampire shows disappointing picture not only due to The xediantropes of "me-too Blair Witch Project" as the initial interviews of trackside dwellers and the disorientation of heroes in the forest. Additional disadvantages such as the slow pace, the indifferent cast, corny dialogue and many unresponsive plot points hit in addition to the film. OASIS is the well-designed bampiraki that whenever is delightful and very hungry! But 2-3 interesting facts cannot rescue the film from sinking. Therefore …

Black Water Vampire

Movie Highlights

  • The riotous interview with a death row inmate.
  • The eating of the throat of an unfortunate victim.
  • The subversive-although incomplete-finale.

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Some interesting interviews towards the beginning of the project, episodic agony, the well-designed form of plasma.


Indifferent, slow tempo, many clichés, the fact that copies in many places the historic "The Blair Witch Project".

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Weak copy of "The Blair Witch Project" with problems in many areas. Only for fans of found footage idiom.

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