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From Beyond The Grave-no return Journey (1974)

From Beyond The Grave-no return Journey (1974)

by 08/05/2014
Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Amicus Productions

Γνωστή και ως

Creatures from Beyond the Grave
Tales from Beyond the Grave
Tales from the Beyond
The Undead
Οι Βρικόλακες βγήκαν από τους τάφους τους


1 Hour and 37 Minutes (97 Minutes)


Terror to delight worshippers of the Macabre.
THE CREATURES - They Came From Beyond The Grave! They weren't born!! They were kicked out of HELL!!!


 Case: "From Beyond The Grave" is a horror anthology of Amicus Productions composed of four horror stories. All arise from the objects acquired several customers from an antiques store, sometimes legally and sometimes illegally.

This episodic film of Amicus Productions is the latest of a series of important vertebrate horror stories of British society and the rather less interesting. Investing in sigoyrantzes Peter Cushing, Donald Pleasence, Angela Pleasence, Ian Bannen and David Warner film tries to preserve the Gothic ambience that had grown accustomed to the previous similar jobs of Amicus. Partly succeeds but the quality of the individual stories are unfortunately inferior to the expectations of the average believer of the old, atmospheric terror. The main story from which xepidane the rest focuses on an elderly antiques salesman (Peter Cushing) visited several customers trying to fool him or steal. But the items they get from their shop carries against a nightmarish adventure and watch as a separate story. But let's see in detail the 4 stories presented here.

Horror Trivia

The film is also known by the titles "Creatures" and "Creatures from beyond the Grave". In the Greek market and released as "The Vampires came out of the graves".

The Gatecrasher: much David Warner having purchased with racket an old mirror from his shop Cushing finds that a mysterious presence dwells on the subject and constantly asks sacrifices. The buyer of the influenced by the intellectually already mirror brings home women which slaughters as an offering. But for how long? The story moves in familiar and predictable metaphysical paths. Don't disappoint either excites completely. It's just bearable.

An Act of Kindness: Donald Pleasence and Ian Bannen join forces in this intriguing but somewhat tedious story. The Bannen played the apaxiwmeno from his wife and the son of man. One day steals a military decoration of the shop of Cushing to cajole a veteran soldier (Donald Pleasence) with whom he recently. The family man he is and with the daughter (Angela Pleasence) veteran and soon develop a love affair. The girl, however, exerts a magical practices with dangerous results … Nice narrative, excellent performances by the island's top names but tired with the leisurely pace.

The Elemental: in this story I realize that some at the expense of Cushing is done by changing the price tag of a small tray. Thus the buyer is going to experience the threat of an "elemental", a mysterious invisible being who tries to harm his wife. To keep calls to the home of a "witch" which tries to release him from the demonic spirit. Will succeed? It is the most weak history of film. The moment of exorcism of "elemental" looks more like a chabaletzidiko feast at which the actors don't seem to have gotten their roles very seriously. The effects look outdated.

The Door: in this section the Cushing seem to find with his client. The product sold is an old door with well-designed relief representations. The door is placed by buyer in front of drawers with webcams. However it is not just any door after proving that acts as a magical portal that leads to the room of Sir Michael Sinclair, a malicious mystic who built the door in order to trap human souls and lives eternally. Inspired script, stunning blue room sets and increasing suspense from the moment the buyer and his wife entering the room this characterize history. The film closes with an eventful meeting of Peter Cushing in a brazen robber inside the shop, a spicy finish that we were expecting anyway.

Generally speaking the flavour that stays from Beyond The Grave "From" is bittersweet. A little lack of inspiration in most segments, partly due to slow progress along with some predictable ideas which at that time were not considered fresh, create fair embarrassment. The film parallels with a once active and functional machine today has rusted losing its high performance. Certainly we expected more from the specific project.

From Beyond The Grave

Movie Highlights

  • The ironic finale of 2nd story.
  • The beautifully colored (blue) room of the last story.
  • The motto "Offers you cannot resist" written on the door of the shop of Peter Cushing.

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Good performances, Gothic atmosphere, very good fourth story.


Stories less than high expectations often tire, slow pace, many formalities and predictable situations.

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Moderate episodic film strictly recommended to lovers of horror cinema and paliomoditikoy only.

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