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Beneath Still Waters-Haunted Sea (2005)

Beneath Still Waters-Haunted Sea (2005)

by 06/09/2014
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Fantastic Factory (Filmax)

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Lake of the Dead
Evil Lake


1 Hour and 32 Minutes (92 Min)


Fear is rising.


 Case: "Beneath Still Waters" tells the revenge that initializes and begins to implement the priest of a satanikis sect whose followers drowned before 40 years in their village after technical actions of the Mayor of a nearby town, and specifically through the construction of the dam. The events taking place in Northern Spain.

After the great potato 2004 named "Rottweiler", Brian Yuzna returns next year with another unacceptable horror film, maybe even worse than the dystopian jumble with biting Mutt.

Here deals with magic, Mystique, Satanism and the … bodies of water dams but in a manner unequalled amateur and messy, demonstrating how the nteforme we find in the middle of the past decade. The story moves around the deliberately flooded village of Marienbad. There's a home-Mystic versed in Satanic teachings of the infamous Aleister Crowley created a diabolical sect sowing the decadence and decline in the village. To prevent evil forces occurring the Mayor of the nearby town built a large dam to drown the village and the corrupt following of the dark forces. However, 40 years later, the priest who sparked the chaos returns from the sunken Marienbad now as it seems a little detail retained alive, together and his thirst for revenge. The young mayor's granddaughter, her mother and a diver-photojournalist put face to face with evil and … We laugh and skylobariomaste with the trisathlio spectacle that offers most vehemently the plodding Yuzna's film.

Horror Trivia

The film is based on the novel of 1989 the author Matthew Costello J..

Even though gore enjoys a rich levels, the pervasive amateurism in all sectors dooms "Beneath Still Waters". Almost nothing can be salvaged from the wreck and the work of the erstwhile great Director finally arrives there that indicates the title: at the bottom! Non-trick you all 3 highlights that follow. Those with barely the visuals from a film of plaque that neither for plate cannot be seen. Bummer eh Brian. I said, your cinematic effort may rely on moderate budgets but such crap are not justified considering the important contribution to your scene of horror …

Beneath Still Waters

Movie Highlights

  • The two scenes with the evil high priest slashing wide mouth cavities of his victims.
  • The scenes of rampant partying and rampant debauchery that we enjoy for a bit on our screen.
  • Funny scene where a chazocharoymenos guy chopping his own self and enjoys it!

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Τhe exuberant gore.


Almost all structural components of the movie is miserable.

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