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The Beast Must Die-The Beast must die (1974)

The Beast Must Die-The Beast must die (1974)

by 16/08/2014
Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Amicus Productions, British Lion Film Corporation

Γνωστή και ως

Black Werewolf


1 Hour and 33 Minutes (93 Minutes)


One of these eight people will turn into a werewolf. Can you guess who it is when we stop the film for the WEREWOLF BREAK? See it ... solve it ... but don't tell!


 Case: In "The Beast Must Die" 5 people are invited to the Grand country house of a hunter who captures them reveals that one of them is a werewolf that he intends to find and exterminate. The task will not be easy as the full moon is close and the time of lethal beast is nigh!

"The Beast Must Die" is not an ordinary movie with Werewolves. Essentially combines the ntetektibiko à la Agatha Christie element of "Ten Little Indians" with the lykanthrwpia, in a special story, quite different and interesting. Surely constitutes one of the most remarkable moments of British company Amicus production and takes us back to the pure terror of 70s waking pleasant memories in older.

The case revolves around 5 people who are invited to the country villa of a rich Hunter and his wife. There laboring hunter reveals that one of his guests is a werewolf and he intends to find him and kill him. The whole House thoroughly monitored by cameras which controls and coordinates a skeptic Hunter's partner from a separate, specially designed room. Also the Hunter tries through several tests to detect the bloodthirsty beast among them (e.g. putting them to catch silver candlesticks). Soon we will have a full moon and the werewolf will necessarily have to reveal. But when life is making all of the guests is in immediate danger, threatened by killing appetites of the beast!

Well, I think in the end the "The Beast Must Die" becomes instantly sympathetic. If anything most people are captivated by the ntetektibiko climate and the ticklish stimulation to guessing the evil of matter. Of course here we are even more inventive idea is bad werewolf, which makes the film even more fascinating and eerie. The evolution of events is quick and interesting with several twists while the atmosphere of mystery accompanies in almost every time the tape holding the audience firmly in place of goiteymeno. In addition we also have a dynamic cast with great names that improve the entire spectacle. The classy Peter Cushing in the role of archaeologist and connoisseur of werewolves though all participants have significant presence. Another memorable element of the film is the narrator's prompt the Viewer to guess the identity of lykanthrwpoy at the beginning and towards the last part with a brief interruption in 30 seconds.

Horror Trivia

The film is released in the USA with the alternate title "Black Werewolf".

Downside is himself a werewolf after due to low budget assumes role to play a jet black dog, a German Shepherd. Also the amounts of bloodshed is subtle and measured while our appetite had opened to greater bloodshed. If you don't have a particular problem with all of this as outdated effects of era will hardly disappointed by "The Beast Must Die".

In conclusion the "The Beast Must Die" is a worthy and entertaining horror movie, with atmospheric and Gothic elements, much mystery, suspense, decent performances, kalogrammenoys dialogues and inspirational ideas. It's worth a dip back to pure seasons of 70s and the little terror paliomoditikoy test, reaching with the passion and the honesty of the era. It is also one of the last films of Amicus since a few years later the historic British company stopped manufacturing activity to disappointment of friends of gothic horror.

The Beast Must Die

Movie Highlights

  • Smart idea with the Narrator urging viewers to guess the identity of lykanthrwpoy. Gives you the feeling that "join" and you in the "event".
  • The agonizing scene where invited mouthed a silver bullet in a test yet of the Hunter and the shocking development that occurs after! Shudders …

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Original idea, kalogrammenoi dialogues, charming mystery about the identity of lykanthrwpoy, Gothic atmosphere, increased anxiety in particular toward the finish.


Failed selecting the format of lykanthrwpoy, stale effects, minimum gore less than larger aspirations.

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Original, enjoyable and suspenseful film which combines satisfactory terror, lykanthrwpia and mystery. Despite its obvious flaws and the ravages of time, see Jolly even today.

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