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The Babadook (2014)

The Babadook (2014)

by 21/09/2014
"The Babadook" focuses on the dramatic and terrifying moments experienced by a mother and her seven-year-old boy when the boy initially and then the mother understand the presence of a terrible entity that spreads throughout the House.
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Causeway Films, Smoking Gun Productions

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1 Hour and 33 Minutes (93 Minutes)


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This is one of the biggest surprises of the year. Already the first echoes triumphalism on the Australian "The Babadook" when it aired in early year at Sundance Film Festival, created suspicions, even the most moderate, that we are dealing here with a stunner, which probably will stand out from the clutter of ordinary horror films. Watching the "The Babadook" for myself I felt really vindicated that I gave him a chance as the final result confirms the initial praise and restores a few smiles to all who have been disappointed by the quality of the current poverty horror cinema.

"The Babadook" is essentially the first full length movie of Jennifer skinothetrias Kent becoming somehow "extension" of the short horror movie "Monster" who had created the same in 2005. The story recounts the film at first sight seems commonplace, the remarkable continuity of yet reveals many interesting and of course terrible surprises that astonish even the most courageous and ypopsiasmenoys viewers.

The mother and her little son is the tragic protagonists of nightmarish experience offered by "The Babadook". The tragic character of sight early on when we hear that the son's birth coincided with the death of his father in rolling the time carrying his wife to the hospital for the birth of their child. From that moment her life mother and son is a synonym of drama after it becomes apparent that the mother has not yet overcome the shock of the loss of her husband while the incident has left obvious signs and to who. The problematic behavior of both within the House and in the social environment is the result of painful incident while the tragedy magnified by the realization that has not until now celebrate his birthday!

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An amount from the moderate budget of the film was assembled from the public, via Kickstarter platform.

The Babadook

The Babadook

The successful building of the drama of the characters is the first significant bump in our psychology. The sequel of the story masterfully transforms the original drama in colossal horror that did not subside until the end. Sometime the boy discovers the House a book with drawings and paper representations of a terrible creature named Babadook and quickly becomes an obsession. Believes that the ' bogeyman ' book is real and is at home. The mother remains skeptical and even initially expresses irritation about the obsession of her son. But soon finds herself the dark presence of Babadook which becomes more and more suffocating. These events have resulted in the creation of a climate of terror and paranoia that affects mother and son in different ways and in different intensity.

A big advantage of The "Babadook" is the unique atmosphere. Thanks to this, the despair, terror and paranoia are highlighted in the fullest extent capturing the Viewer, penetrating deeply until the marrow. So pungent atmosphere rarely found in horror film. Also it is obvious that the filmmaker uses with elaborate flexibility elements and techniques from other well known horror films including the creative to the frame of the project's history. The climate of uncertainty and paranoia of "Rosemary's Baby" and Polanski's ' Repulsion ' meets gradually sinking into criminal madness as the highlighted "The Shining" Kubrick's. In addition, the fabled and shadowy feel of ' The Orphanage ' fills the film intensifying fear. The omens look through the book Mister Babadook for what you will do or won't do a little reminiscent of the classic "Don't Look Now".

Another advantage of The "Babadook" is that it manages to scare rather than in the usual trick of sudden petagmatwn, but with the commanding presence of mysterious dark entity. For example the slow appearance of Babadook from the dark part of the bedroom with the hair-raising stretch the edges of awe-inspiring and shudders. Certainly they deserve many congratulations to the Director who gave us such intelligent shots. Additionally, the film lends itself to analysis on the identity of the monster and its special relationship with the mother-son duo. Here I am not saying more to avoid spoilers, but I think if you grasp the meaning behind all of them will be impressed.

Finally, credit must be given to both protagonists. Both the child and the mother take toppers on their interpretations. Both contributed to the film's convincing and serious. Especially the mother with a variety of stressful facial expressions will be unforgettable. In conclusion, The "Babadook" is a reference point in modern cinema psychological terror and will definitely stand out from the clutter. Films like this are who keep us even a little optimistic about the future of the scene of horror. No friend of quality horror should not be missed.

The Babadook

Movie Highlights

  • The frightening scene the mother reads the book Mister fearful epanaktithen Babadook watching horrific images and messages for herself and her child.
  • All instances of Babadook are incredibly terrifying and breathtaking!
  • The agonizing scene of mom loses control of the car of frightened by the presence of ' The Babadook '.

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Incredibly frightening and pungent atmosphere, expansive interpretations of the duo mother-child and especially by the dealer, the well-designed and very scary creature Babadook, numerous genuine fear and horror scenes, tight and carefully structured script without many excesses and platitudes.


The slightly slow progression of events until the Middle you might annoy some viewers. Also some probably would expect different and a bit more dark end but I think what we have seen is sufficient once they have sufficiently understood facts.

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One of the best psychological thrillers of recent years and one of the best horror movies of 2014! Don't miss anything!

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