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Audition-slow death (1999)

Audition-slow death (1999)

by 19/06/2014
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1 Hour and 55 Minutes (115 Minutes)


She always gets a part.

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 Plot: in the ' Audition ' a widowed television producer seeks female-partner through an audition. But the girl who eventually WINS, hides a mysterious and dangerous identity …

Probably the best work of Takashi Miike film-Japanese production in the field of terror. With "Audition" (Japanese title: "' Odishon) controversial filmmaker takes us into a surreal world of eroticism and chilling sadistikwn games that Captivate. With knit Director and clever editing which blends reality with illusion, Miike o delivers one of the best horror movies of the 90s and the Asian cinema in General.

7 years after the death of his wife, the television producer Aoyama searches-with motivation and his son-the companionship of a woman. With the help of a friend and professional partner organises an audition where he presented several young girls to participate in film but in reality the Aoyama aspires through the whole process to discover the ideal companion. Eventually a young, shy, former ballerina with the name Asami seduces the Aoyama and soon begin to come together. But it seems that something is amiss with Asami. His partner Aoyama expresses concerns because it cannot locate information for her. The Aoyama but does not seem to succumb to and fascinated by the Asami dedicated to his new romance. You will soon discover the dark Asami's identity and the dangers that surround him.

Horror Trivia

What film is based on the homonymous book by Japanese author and Director Ruy Mukarami.

To "Audition" is starting to become scary gradually having previously lay solid foundations for the feats of fear dominating the last half hour. Us knows the basic metrimenoys fingers characters, introduces the essential mystery and prepares us for the origin of evil. The interpretations are immaculate and perfectly matching with the surreal atmosphere. The mutation of Asami from a seemingly innocent and sweet creature in a merciless killing being masterfully implemented trends sadistikwn immobilizing the viewer in his place. The outline of the character of the young girl becomes poetically with a dramatic flashback. When violence erupts wallow in an insane world sadism, bloodshed, fantasies and lack of logic. In these pictures is the magic of film. Among other things the film warns us about the risks posed by encounters with unknown, obscure people. Certainly nobody would want to be in the position of the unfortunate Aoyama watching what bad can someone suffers from a mysterious erotic partner. An Angel can be simultaneously and demon! And the former ballerina leykontymeni it demonstrates here!

Don't miss out on this potential horror film. Maybe annoy you a bit slow pace until the gkazwma of the last half-hour, however previous events were necessary (at least most) to lead rationally to shocking images of the latter Party. Maybe with a deeper involvement in the activities of certain character still be achieved even better results.


Movie Highlights

  • The terrifying scene that Aoyama phoning in Asami. The girl sitting on the floor with draped wool, smiling enigmatically as a mysterious bag with weird content lying beside her.
  • An artistic decapitation with wire!
  • A creepy amputation (foot) for the finale and the insanely "kiti kiti" Asami's!

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Διαβάθμιση Βαθμολογίας:
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Superb combination of surrealism and reality, morbid atmosphere, sudden bloodshed that is breathtaking!


The relatively slow pace of tire shortly.

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Of the best horror movies of Asian cinema. Lovers of exotic horror and not only will you love easily!

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