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ATM (2012)

ATM (2012)

by 30/06/2015
In "ATM" three gentlemen trapped inside an ATM booth by a maniacal killer who awaits them outside.

David Brooks


Paul Brooks, Peter Safran, Sarah Pineau


Chris Sparling, Chris Sparling, Ron Tippe


Brian Geraghty, Alice Eve, Josh Peck


David Buckley

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Gold Circle Films, Buffalo Gal Pictures, The Safran Company

Γνωστή και ως

No Escape


1 Hour and 30 Minutes (90 Minutes)






No warning. No control. No escape.



Box Office

$1.084.053 (έως 11/10/2012)




Another film that belongs in a particular phylum of kleistofobikwn thriller/horror. It is true that the specific subcategory has given some excellent in conception and execution of films that made history. From the cult classic "Cube" of 1997 until the latest "Exam" (2009) and "Buried" (2010), we have enjoyed many moments rich in suspense and sometimes generous doses of gore.

Unfortunately, as in any case, the kleistofobikwn team has the worst entries in its repertoire (apart from the mediocrities that those are real). Such circumstances constitutes an ' ATM ' 2012, an original one, kakoektelesmeno de horror film that kicked the chance for something good with very cheap way. However the case and in particular the limited environment of action inside the Chamber with ATM machines is an original idea for the horror cinema and he is one of the reasons that pulls us to follow.

In "ATM" starring three ordinary people, everyday we say, who happen to be and colleagues in the same Office. The triad is composed of two young men and a good looking xanthomalla which ligoyreyetai one of the two but appears hesitant towards her. Without many many and after a series of useless talks and senariakwn facilities that are indicative of apparent lack of inspiration, the three gentlemen end up stuck in an ATM booth threatened by an insane killer awaits them outside the Chamber to wild moods. The three friends manage to escape from the nocturnal nightmare that surrounds them?

Horror Trivia

An ATM enclosure made specifically for the needs of the film.

This original and attractive idea chantakwnetai by a chtypitwn number handicaps they eyes. Already mentioned the scenario-based facilities that lead the protagonists to the ATM booth. To be more clear about those consumed in. .. willingness to treat pizza, in cards that don't work and withdrawals on personal phobias of car stay actors preferring the "warmth" of ATM (!). Anyhow after heroes come as enter the ATM we come into the side of their killer, clogging the road towards the exit and kill any stranger approaching the area. The effect is relatively well-made, with his face covered by a black cloth and fur hood resembling the costume of the killer from the "Urban Legend" of 1998.

The problem is not so much the events outside as inside the ATM. There we watch unique scenes with caged demonstrate feats of a wooden interpretation steroymenis any realism and emotion. The lack of talent of the key cast is unfortunately more than obvious. The procheirogrammenoi dialogues going on and after confinement and along with them come and some clichés to further taint the image of "ATM". Occasional bouts with scenes of genuine suspense hold somewhat the decline of film that doesn't say and worse in the subcategory of. Overall, however, turns out to be hopelessly inferior circumstances, as if somehow commits suicide, leaving aperipoiiti and naked a very good idea.

The gore is minimal but will ignore if the movie were generally better. The scenario is always "waters" beyond the initial embarrassment. The same applies to the generally sluggish direction. The finale shows and this problems but not completely disappointed. Possibly leaves and margin for sequel but if it is to see something like this here film, then better not ever come. In other words the "ATM" is one of those claustrophobic thriller that you can avoid.


Movie Review Highlights
  • The murder of an unfortunate man whose head the kopanaei Maniac on the concrete ground many times!
  • The suspenseful sequences that one of the protagonists is trying to reach out to his car, leaving the ATM.


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Original suffocating environment, sporadic scenes of great tension and suspense.


Scenario-slips and bangs, anoysioi dialogues, wooden performances, timid direction.

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Weak claustrophobic horror film. Nice idea but faulty.

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