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Asylum-Seekers In Terror of rage (1972)

Asylum-Seekers In Terror of rage (1972)

by 05/09/2014
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Amicus Productions, Harbour Productions Limited

Γνωστή και ως

House on the Strand
House of Crazies


1 Hour and 28 Minutes (88 Min)


Look at the leg that creeps - but there's no body.
It's not easy breathing in a paper bag...especially if you're only a head.
The hot-blooded beauty in the cold freezer.
The doctor makes his last house call.
See the little metal man and his big knife.
You have nothing to lose but your mind.


 Case: In "Asylum" watching three gruesome horror stories that narrate the inmates of a mental institution on a new psychiatrist who came there with the aim of being hired. But things are more complicated than I thought.

The British production company ' Amicus ' has several notable horror films in vertebrate style stories. One of the best on the list is the "Asylum" in 1972. The main narrative unfolds in an incurable lunatic asylum where a young psychiatrist called to pass a recruitment test. Need to find among some patients the former Director and chief doctor who went mad. So getting interviews with inmates, learns the history for which barricaded at the institution while the Viewer is watching on the screen of each story in the form of a short film within the main movie.

In the first story watch revenge of a shredded female cadaver which attacks the husband that the shredded and to his lover with which he intended to pop.
The second story has to do with a mysterious guy who asks a poor and indebted to the tailor made a suit by requiring special hardware to work just after midnight for some strange reason.
The third story is about a young woman who has just gotten discharged from psychiatric institution and closely monitored by her brother and a home nurse. But a mysterious friend named Lucy invades the House, puts several crafty ideas and tries to get away at any cost … even in human lives!

Horror Trivia

The second story that has the title "The Weird Tailor" had previously been published in the American magazine Weird Tales.

robert powellThere is also a small fourth story but we do not track separately as a mini-movie but learn the contents of a brief description of the patient to a psychiatrist. Something with some anthropomorphic heads which the patient claims that can enliven through mental concentration. The subject of this story, however, is associated with the finale of the film so it is absolutely understood its usefulness.

There are many positive aspects of "Asylum". In principle the whole morbid atmosphere within asylum gives us the authority to understand that the movie is not joking. Also, strong cast names such as Peter Cushing or Herbert Lom elevate the quality of "Asylum" that generally by slitting interpretations. Noteworthy is also the bombastic, horrific music that accompany us from time to time by increasing the gothic horror atmosphere that prevails. The finale is totally unpredictable and characterized by dynamic surprises nobody awaits! The individual stories have all the features required for us to lift the hair. The first is absolutely chilling, the second more dark and macabre, while the third although weaker than the other two, manages to overcome the mediocrity primarily thanks to the interpretations of the actors and the climate of madness. Overall the "Asylum" is an ideal choice for a pleasant 90lepto terror and intense Gothic feelings. It would not be an exaggeration to say that is one of the best films in this style.


Movie Highlights

  • The scene in which the psychiatrist climbs the stairs to examine patients. The wacky old tables with figures mentally ill who observes escort commanding music, producing a proper introduction for this horrifying that will follow.
  • The horrifying attacks of set pieces of his dead wife in the first breathtaking story!
  • The unpredictable finale of the film that really swims in a sea of utter insanity!

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Terrifying stories, dark and paranoid atmosphere, good actors, good performances, evocative music, fitting with the mood of the film.


Little outdated effects.

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Modular high-level horror movie with quality actors and genuine Gothic atmosphere. From the best of its kind. Seen easily even today despite decades of carrying on her back.

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