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As Above, So Below-As High, so Low (2014)

As Above, So Below-As High, so Low (2014)

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The only way out is down.



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 Plot: a young student of archaeology, history and Alchemy tries to discover what failed her father, the philosopher's stone. After a great discovery he made in Iran, returns to Paris where together with a friend of the cameraman trying to convince a friend to solve the riddle hidden in the tomb of an old Alchemist. Convinces him well and together with him and a group of youths who know the Catacombes begin their exploration. But things are not so simple, as wandering in catacombs becomes more mysterious and dark. What is the secret that hide and will eventually succeed the protagonists of the film to discover the secret of eternal life or die trying?

I started to watch the movie with tremendous trepidation. Having seen several of those movies based on a camera and describing the adventures of a group of disparate people between them, expecting to soon be very disappointed. Something was. The movie is quite interesting, with dark atmosphere and eventually the monokamero isn't so irritating. Yes, it has many elements from other films, reminiscent of "The Descent" (2005), based on occult and somewhat mythical concepts but in conclusion is a nicely structured film.

Horror Trivia

"As Above, So Below" was the first film got permission from the French Government to do the following in the catacombs of Paris ….

The characters aren't annoying, on the contrary, it is quite respectable and plausible. The atmosphere highly claustrophobic, in many places it felt to suffocate and I. The suspense and mystery be built gradually. There are some scary scenes but not throughout the course of the film, and not without some reason.

The film raises and discusses some eternal questions like the soul of man and our inner demons. Whether affect and define our lives? Well-written script, decent direction, great atmosphere, remarkable interpretations. I would suggest not to let pass unnoticed and may give it a chance. It is not original but is something remarkable if you look overall in productions that we saw this year.

As Above So Below

Movie Review Highlights

  • The visions of each protagonist in the catacombs.
  • Arson of a car inside the catacombs.

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The atmosphere of the film and the whole aesthetic.


Has borrowed elements from other movies but in down under and who has not done?

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A remarkable film that does not let you get bored. Have some cliches, is not original but for the kind of found footage, my opinion is that this is a very dignified movie.

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