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Annabelle (2014)

Annabelle (2014)

by 17/10/2014
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New Line Cinema, Evergreen Media Group

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The Annabelle Story


1 Hour and 39 Minutes (99 Minutes)



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 Assumption: The ' Annabelle ' focuses on the eponymous doll that haunts the lives of a pair of causing many supernatural phenomena and malicious.

annabelleDo not hide that I was expecting a lot from this spin-off's "The Conjuring". The frightening aspect of the doll who stars and various videos that circulated on the Internet raised me occasional feeling that the ' Annabelle ' would be a very strong horror film despite its klisarismeni nature. Unfortunately, what we saw was a cheap and too typical supernatural horror film directional ranging in mediocrity. Let me explain …

The home invasion of a decadent pair fans a satanikis sect of leading home the couple opens us the appetite by putting the first good touches and suspenseful terror. The gradual emergence of a doll named Annabelle through varied close-ups psarwtika maintains the feeling of anxiety and terror. This aplanes, menacing look of the doll to win immediately as a horror fan. And where you say that all the conditions are there and have a solid foundation for a dynamic horror movie that will cripple us, come cascading backsliding and platitudes that chopping up whatever good he went to set up here.

The connection of Satanists in the doll does not convince me. The priest's involvement in the troubled couple's life contains unnecessary moralizing and evolves with the second present to demonstrate under the circumstances. The neighborhood bookseller that also entangled in the lives of actors used with undue sloppy. Sometimes for creating climate kakogoystoy sometimes dakrybrechtoy for providing vague and common advice to deal with evil but as "easy solution" when things have gotten very difficult turn for the pair. (you'll understand when you see the movie). Another absurdity is that the guy from the pair persuaded too easily for the supernatural character of the problem facing the House. If anything, expect more skepticism than a character who supposedly is a doctor.

Horror Trivia

The actual pair of researchers of the paranormal Ed and Lorraine Warren who saw in "The Conjuring" retain in their occult Museum a pouch in which is located the Annabelle doll.

True there are horror scenes interspersed with a few good things out here and there. For example that black demonic figure has a commanding presence in short intervals being displayed and terrorizes the heroine. But does talk and a bit on the Annabelle? Unfortunately its participation in the events is more theoretical and indirect. If you wait that is the mobility and the immediacy of a Chucky from ' Child's ' Play, just be disappointed. In a few scenes the doll itself produces tremors with obvious acts of. Short door closings, movements of objects and similar vague supernatural powers are highlighted more.

What I eventually stayed out of the ' Annabelle '? Although it is not bad as a movie, I left a lot of complaints about the overly mundane image and the lack of depth in the script and the characters. Gave me the impression of a work that was done on foot, without passion and serious effort, just because you "had" to do. The Clipboard finish the consistent with the picture of mediocrity that turns out as movie …


Movie Highlights

  • The initial invasion of Satanists at home the leading pair.
  • The agonizing and horrific scene that the protagonist is trapped in the basement of the building and the nearby elevator.
  • The few but very eerie sightings a dark demon tragomorfoy.

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The frightening aspect of Annabelle, the imposing form of dark demon, some very frightening scenes with high tension and suspense.


Many clichés in General procheirogrammeno and scenario level, inadequate and frivolous use of characters, lack of action from the same doll that polydiafimizei movie, mediocre finale.

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It started with a lot of promises, but eventually proved to be another procheirogrammeno and typical horror film supernatural direction, reproducing many familiar clichés of the scene.

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