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Angel Heart-Daimonismenos Angel (1987)

Angel Heart-Daimonismenos Angel (1987)

We are in the 50 's and Harry eintzel mikromesaios is a private investigator in New York. One day receives a call to meet a mysterious man, Louis Saifer. Eintzel hires in order to locate a missing person who owes. The eintzel accepts the job, and follows a path that is filled with dead-ends and corpses.

Alan Parker


Alan Marshall, Elliott Kastner


Alan Parker


William Hjortsberg


Mickey Rourke, Robert De Niro, Lisa Bonet, Charlotte Rampling, Stocker Fontelieu, Brownie McGhee, Michael Higgins, Elizabeth Whitcraft, Charles Gordone, Dann Florek


Trevor Jones, Courtney Pine

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Carolco International N.V.

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Angel Heart


1 Hour and 53 Minutes (113 min.)






It will scare you to your very soul.



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O Alan Parker, the film's Director, has worked in every genre with some success. We have been offering jobs as the beloved "Midnight Express" and "Pink Floyd: The Wall." As usual, directors who are not ' kind ' when attempting to create a horror film they have to adapt to the specific requirements. Many non-horror filmmakers we've received movies that not only stand within borders of terror, but stand out generally to cinematographic works. From the "Hour of the Wolf" by Bergmann until "Funny Games," Haneke's, there are many such examples. Mr. So, Parker belongs on this list of filmmakers, since the performance of novel by William Hjortsberg titled "Fallen Angel", is a masterpiece.

robert de niro

Robert De Niro

Actor Mickey Rourke is (before defaced by the plastic was a very handsome man) and played a private investigator who spends his time smoking, drinking and earning a living by taking trivial matters like divorces and fuses. It is approached by a lawyer who brings him in contact with Mr Luis Cypher (Robert De Niro), a chilling figure with long nails in the hands and look in through. The Luis Angel sends him on a mission to locate a man who was very famous singer and even so good that circulated the rumor that he had sold his soul to the devil in Exchange for angelic voice.

When Angel asks what it is, gets the response that there is simply an open debt and nothing more, just has an old-fashioned sense of Justice and dislikes open accounts. Receives a lavish pay and begins the investigation. But imagine not met so many dangers, from bureaucracy and dogs until omertà between a sect, voodoo rituals and horrific murders in which seems tangled. After an exciting and adventurous journey from the cold New York in stifling Louisiana, arrives at the end where you will discover the terrible secret that covered around this time.

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The Robert De Niro played the eerie character trying to emulate his favorite Martin Scorsese.

The film is an example of how the different film styles are combined into a movie. The film combines elements of neo-noir mystery movies with religious fright and turned out high-level dialogues of black comedy. De Niro's character, albeit with limited time on screen is a joy with the calm voice of the philosophical and witty reviews but with a look that causes fear. The Mickey Rourke plays a very convincing degenerate detectives with experience in street events, the ability to get what he wants above all is to feel mortal who enters the mouth of the Wolf with every moment that passes.

To suspense built gradually with no issues. The screenplay (based on novel) shows the way, with the continual twists to keep the interest alive throughout.  The viewer will be shocked with the gore scenes contained and remain in the mind.

When finished, the shocking reversal seems to make sense in retrospect. It is one of those movies that run the scenes in your head and looking for clues.

Angel Heart

Movie Review Highlights
  • Each instance of Luis Cypher.
  • A love scene between a young Angel and Voodoo Witch (not for the obvious reason).
  • Arguably the final showdown.


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Excellent plot, performances by stellar acting, scenes that will satisfy the bloodthirsty spectators.


The character of de Niro appears very little.

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The Angel Heart is a film that when finished will leave viewers numb to wondering if it could predict the outcome and that ignored all the signs. The whole project seems like a nightmare, in which nothing seemingly fit and everything seems to go wrong on purpose.

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