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Anatomy-Anatomy Lessons (2000)

Anatomy-Anatomy Lessons (2000)

by 26/09/2015
A medical student earns a place in the medical faculty of Heidelberg and goes there for summer courses. But a series of strange events will lead to exposing a secret medical organization that operates at the school with malicious designs.

Stefan Ruzowitzky


Andrea Willson


Stefan Ruzowitzky


Franka Potente, Benno Fürmann, Rüdiger Vogler, Anna Loos, Oliver Wnuk, Arndt Schwering-Sohnrey, Sebastian Blomberg


Marius Ruhland

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Deutsche Columbia TriStar Filmproduktion, Claussen & Wöbke Filmproduktion GmbH

Γνωστή και ως



1 Hour and 43 Minutes (103 Min)






The Subject Is You - A Cut Above The Rest




Without a trace of hyperbole, the German origin "Anatomy" of the Austrian Stefan Ruzowitzky which appeared at the beginning of the past decade, was a little surprised at the site of horror. However, our country has gone through psiloaparatirito and for this reason we believe that a reminder or where disclosure would be helpful, especially for audiences seeking fresh ideas in the horror genre.

In "Anatomy" starring the famous German actress Franka Potente, known mainly for its monumental appearance in historical action-thriller "Run Lola Run" of 1998. Impersonates a young medical student who goes to the medical faculty of Heidelberg in order to attend summer courses but also to improve the practice of practicing as a doctor. Initially all look promising, but the next few days the girl finds clues that lead to the discovery of an old secret organization doctors called "Anti-Ippokratikoi". The distinguishing characteristic is that they exercise their powers without moral barriers, even if their acts involve the infliction of pain or further damage to the patient. I managed the protagonist to successfully confront the Anti-Hippocratic Arcade or will end up another victim of mochthiroy their project?

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The "Anatomy" experienced enormous commercial success in his own country the Germany resulting in the Columbia Pictures released an anglophone version intended for American movies.

The case of "Anatomy" is certainly interesting and pervaded by an air of freshness that can sustain the interest for the sequel. Indeed, the movie keeps you dammed to the end despite some occasional imperfections in the script body. Large rejuvenation is the bad side of history. The Organization of Anti-Ippokratikwn fills us with chills and terror through the wanton action of often accompanied by bloody scenes processing victims in the morgue. The sense of secrecy and conspiracy pervades strongly the atmosphere of "Anatomy" forming a general climate of paranoia, insecurity, horror and macabre which at the nets trapped – namely to impervious hallways of school and morgue.

From level interpretations, the "Anatomy" goes well with … few exceptions they don't significantly penalize generally good PIC­ture. There are scenes that the anxiety reaches the vertical while an interesting revelation subversive towards the finale sends one last powerful shock to viewers. Ultimately, the "Anatomy" turns out a sense of competency as a horror movie that is definitely important to win our appreciation. But it seems that some flaws here and there, sharply restricting the radiation of curbing any takeoff could alternatively be made.


Movie Review Highlights
  • A chilling operation to the start with the victim retains his senses by experiencing the painful end.
  • The agonizing sequences with the pursuit of a beautiful woman in icy areas of medicine from a paranoid.


potente anatomy


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Original case and fresh feeling, claustrophobic, conspiratorial and macabre climate, increased anxiety in many scenes.


Sporadic rough stuff in the scenario, some not-so-satisfactory performances.

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Little surprise from Germany receiving greater attention from the horror audience. With a few individual improvements would be a really great horror film.

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