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An American Haunting-the Arrival of the demon (2005)

An American Haunting-the Arrival of the demon (2005)

by 28/08/2013
In "An American Haunting" a diabolical, supernatural entity tormenting a family daughter in the American province. The events unfolding in the early 19th century.

Courtney Solomon


Courtney Solomon, Christopher Milburn, André Rouleau


Courtney Solomon


Brent Monahan


Donald Sutherland, Sissy Spacek, James D'Arcy, Rachel Hurd-Wood


Caine Davidson

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Allan Zeman Productions, Midsummer Films, Remstar Productions, Media Pro Pictures, After Dark Films, Redbus Pictures, Sweetpea Entertainment


1 Hour and 23 Minutes (83 Minutes)


United Kingdom, Romania, Canada, USA




Possession Knows No Bounds



Box Office

$29.612.137 (έως 02/082011)




Certainly the names of Donald Sutherland and Sissy Spacek are the main reason to see "An American Haunting". When the ' other like no film offers nothing new to the horror scene except perhaps the acquaintance with the legend of the Bell Witch, a history of American folklore about alleged attacks of a bad witch in the House of a man named John Bell Sr. in town Tennessee's Adam, somewhere in the early 19th century.

Pressing well on this legend, the film "An American Haunting" begins with images of modern times where a young woman beset by terrible nightmares. Shortly after her mother finds at home a letter with pessimistic content which tells the story of the witch that wracked the Bell who lived in the same area. From there we follow the events of the past where Sutherland stars as the father of the family (John Bell) as well as responsible for the evil that struck his family. The story began after a dispute he had with another resident of the city for territorially-economic issues. Although the Church has taken the case find fault with Mr. Bell for unethical behavior, however the final verdict does not do justice to the extent that should the opponent causing the enraged woman – who has a reputation for witch-curses the Bell and especially the young daughter. The girl is the one that will carry the biggest burden of the curse soon after an unspecified demonic presence invading in her room at night and torments in a variety of ways. The drags on the floor, stuns in bed, lifts into the air, smacking with fury, etc. Her family tries to help her along with a priest and teacher of their daughter who seems to see it as something more than a simple schoolgirl. But the confrontation of evil forces is not at all easy.

Horror Trivia

More horror movies have been based on the legend of the Bell Witch apart from "An American Haunting". Here ' The Blair Witch Project "(1999)," Bell Witch Hunting "(2004) and" Bell Witch: The Movie "(2007).

"An American Haunting" moves in familiar paths of supernatural thriller with a theme the diptych daemonization-exorcism. Here, of course, there is no sustained and focused effort to exorcise the evil from the priest despite only a few scattered and gullible promptings of this clergyman to depart the demon. Basically somewhere here is found, and the film's main problem: does not have a clear orientation. Scenario seems undecided and procheirogrammeno. The characters seem unconcerned with interpretations just decent, although the image of a tired Sutherland is evident. The tricks with which the filmmaker tries to scare us is chiliopaigmena, i.e. Windows and doors abruptly open, deafening night storm, trite scenes of attack of the demon daughter of Bell, mysterious visions demonic children, etc. Not that there isn't suspense and tension during the demonic attacks and even the rapid camera movement that depicts the movement and the internal perspective of the demonic entity maintains an exciting atmosphere that occasionally shakes us. Besides, I am not saying that the "An American Haunting" is a bad movie. It is, however, lower expectations and what we call "the series". In plus the dull photograph, especially at the external shots of the surrounding forest which give off a moyntada, a desperation, for horror movie. Ok, don't waste your time if you see ' An American Haunting ' but don't have high expectations. You will hardly remember after an interval of a few weeks.


An American Haunting


  1. The agonizing scene of persecution of trolley of Bell from a black Wolf in the hazy forest.
  2. The finale. Without being grandiose, makes an interesting analogy of today with the past giving a decent end in an uneven in the other film …


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The dull photo, the commotion of camera motion time of supernatural entity at home, the folk touch through the legend of the Bell Witch.


The trivial trick supernatural horror, the lack of orientation in the scenario.

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Uneven supernatural horror film that nonetheless deserves some attention.

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