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Altered (2006)

Altered (2006)

by 02/05/2015
The "Altered" focuses on the agonizing adventure of four friends who were abducted by aliens before 15 years ago and now having captured one of the aliens want to get revenge for the death of another friend that had died in the kidnapping. The alien but is tough nut and their revenge will prove extremely difficult.

Eduardo Sánchez


Robin Cowie, Gregg Hale


Jamie Nash, Eduardo Sánchez


Adam Kaufman, Catherine Mangan, Brad William Henke, Michael C. Williams, Paul McCarthy-Boyington, Misty Rosas, James Gammon, Joe Unger, John William Wright, Shea Elmore, Klaus Heesch, Matt McCann, Phil Stevenson, Eduardo Sánchez


Tony Cora, Exiquio Talavera

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Rogue Pictures, Haxan Films

Γνωστή και ως



1 Hour and 28 Minutes (88 Min)






You know all about hunting trips, don't you?






From the half to the Director and screenwriter of "The now historic Blair Witch Project Eduardo Sanchez ' comes this entertaining horror film of 2006 with the unexpectedly bizarre case. I.e., instead of dealing with the popular pattern of kidnapping people from alien, the "Altered" innovates by viewing the opposite scenario: the alien abduction by people!

Four friends who in the past had been abducted by aliens and their lives took the ride down, capture at night in a forest one of those aliens and the transfer to the isolated House of one of them. Some want to avenge the death of the fifth member of the Group (because when the kidnapped were five) but the evening promises to be long, difficult and unpredictable for everyone. Revenge is not so simple a matter as they thought and any aprosexies can lead to unprecedented bloodshed. The extra-terrestrial is tough nut …

Horror Trivia

The film's original name was "Probed".

The original and freakish this case Spurs initially interest with viewers wondering how I realized film this story. The truth is that making copes relatively well, probably because no one placed at the very beginning very high standard nor took very seriously the idea, with the result that there is room for more light, spontaneous fun situations, for intense jocularity and chabalediariki violence, particularly shocking in places. Essentially the "Altered" is a cocktail of unsaturated violence, caustic black humour, irony and revenge. As the film becomes sympathetic with the prerequisite that you see with some tolerance, without high demands and niceties.

The movie despite the obvious problems and scenario-based least holes stand manages to decent levels of exploiting the nervousness of the character and General Merrymaking that prevails in their actions. From the side of the prisoner alien while trying to look bad, is fairly typical in form and generally ' false '. Is not he who gains the most impressions as might be expected but gkafatzides earthlings protagonists who are drowning in uncertainty and dilemmas on how to act every time. In terms of gore the ' Altered ' gives no chestnuts and watching some really gory scenes that raise the hair regardless if some emerge completely out of context and through last-minute ideas.

I will not describe with ease good this movie. Most correct designation is probably "freakish", "paranoid" and "strange". The comic elements allow a looser monitoring and throwing the requirements by far. Suffice it to one that is properly initialized …


Movie Review Highlights
  • The disgusting taking and destroying a communications transmitter through the entrails of alien!
  • The creepy extirpation of the intestines of a formula from the company without the immediate killing of that makes the scene even more tormenting and dyskolochwneyti for our psychology.
  • The rotting figure a person after alien contamination. The distorted appearance causes great repulsion!


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Original idea, several gory scenes, dark environment, atmosphere, government conspiracy, relatively successful humor.


After some backsliding, not-so-convincing alien, exaggerated statements on certain points.

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Delightful film horror/sci-fi directional with original case, a lot of violence and plenty of madness.

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