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Almost Human-Human Beast (2013)

Almost Human-Human Beast (2013)

by 16/07/2015
In ' Almost Human ' during a night where they appeared in the sky some weird lights a guy friend mysteriously vanishes. Two years after the loser boyfriend returns visibly changed and scatters the death in the small town where he lived.

Joe Begos


Joe Begos, Josh Ethier


Joe Begos


Graham Skipper, Josh Ethier, Vanessa Leigh


Andy Garfield

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Channel 83 Films, Ambrosino / Delmenico


1 Hour and 20 Minutes (80 Minutes)






An unspeakable horror has come home.




I didn't expect a lot watching this movie on the shelf of video club. The case and the whole of soyloypi with proϊdeazan for another new tragic movie that served us from the horror film industry. The ghastly ' Almost Human ' represent worthily the aforementioned industry but horror is without saboyras and of the worst horror movies of the modern era.

What we have here then? The disappearance of a bearded man from the small town of Maine where he resided. The man in question disappeared within something mysterious lights that appeared on the town that night in front of the astonished eyes of friend's sidekick. Two years later, however, the same lights reappear in the region and with them and the man disappeared. But this time something has changed in his behavior toward the very worst. The guy has turned into a violent killer eliminates literally the first thing you find in the passage. At the same time funneling some odd substances in some victims through a ligdiasmenis long tongue and turns them into likes of after first regrow in cocoons.

The case brings to mind earlier movies horror/sci-fi like "The Thing" or "Invasion of the Body Snatchers ' but to most win version and custom patterns in slasher. And I wouldn't be so negative towards "Almost Human" If was more serious as film. From the moment he with good morning watch easily the nastiness of most interpretations receive the first shock. The silly and overly simplistic scenario developments intensify frustration. The centrepiece of the disappointment comes with the lack of clear explanations of what exactly happened.

Horror Trivia

There is a brief extra scene after the end credits. Not that nothing improves the movie, of course, just saying for those who want to have seen it all …

What he left out the "Almost Human" is murder scenes bordering several liters of blood. The murders are truly appalling (get a glimpse of the highlights below) while the killer looks quite impressive when we see him in action. Remarkable are also the special effects both murder and those of gloiwdwn "cocoons" where they hatch the young killers.

Beyond these, however, the ' Almost Human ' does not tell us anything and we can now take the shovel and post there that deserves it. Deep (okay, not so deep) to the dump where we put more saboyres of modern era (at a time when remarkable new horror movies haven't seen even movement in our country … a real shame).

Almost Human

Movie Review Highlights
  • A gruesome demise of head shot karampinas!
  • An impressive chop to the head!
  • The melting of the head of a victim after dropping kotronas!


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Violence and gore are at great heights with some scenes of murders really be feasting. The special effects are also well made.


Many weak up to totally unacceptable interpretations, almost non-existent scenario, lack of clear answers/explanations.

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Slipshod combination of "Invasion of the Body Snatchers" and "The Thing". "Almost Human" is only recommended to lovers of ceaseless violence and killing aimatobammenwn.

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