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1408 (2007)

1408 (2007)

by 05/12/2013
A writer that demystifies ' haunted ' locations goes to a hotel to do the same with the supposedly haunted room 1408. There he will face true terror with ramifications and the staff of the past.

Mikael Håfström


Lorenzo di Bonaventura


Matt Greenberg, Scott Alexander, Larry Karaszewski


Stephen King


John Cusack, Samuel L. Jackson, Mary McCormack, Tony Shalhoub, Len Cariou, Isiah Whitlock, Jr., Jasmine Jessica Anthony


Gabriel Yared

Εταιρείες Παραγωγής

Dimension Films, Weinstein Company, Di Bonaventura Pictures


1 Hour 44 Minutes (104 Min)






"The Dolphin Hotel invites you to stay in any of its stunning rooms. Except one", "No one lasts more than an hour", "Enjoy your stay", "Don't stay in 1408", "The only demons in room 1408 are those within you".



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Scare you at all rooms of luxury hotels? If Yes, then this movie is for you. Especially if you learned that "1408" is based on the eponymous story of horror master Stephen King probably will enthoysiazosastan more. Let's get well quickly to the Chase. Having visited and demystify many places with legends for the presence of ghosts, the plucky skeptic writer Mike Enslin (John Cusack) decides after receiving a postcard to visit the Dolphin Hotel in New York City and resided in «forbidden» room number 1408 which are no longer accessible for any customer. You see … the history of the room is painted with endless blood. Former residents committed suicide, others took their eyes and generally nobody lasted over an hour …

After a dynamic counter and serious exchange of arguments with the mysterious Hotel Manager Gerald Olin (Samuel Jackson), Mike will succeed eventually stayed in room defying all warnings of the Director. From this point onwards begins the one show ' man's ' with the headstrong author originally some room and then witnesses bizarre occurrences within the room which escalate alarmingly. A radio opens by itself indicating a specific time that counts down, mysterious sounds heard from a point on the ceiling and behind the wall. Creepy avatars of themselves appear in the window opposite the building while images of previous occupants come alive in front of klonismenoy now starring as ghosts.

And as if all this were not enough the room's door seems to open with anything so our hero is trapped in the room. Slowly the supernatural phenomena bring back images of dramatic personnel past Mike turning nightmarish adventure in a purely private matter. Mike's pain when for example sees the image of his small daughter adikochamenis among ghosts, is really overwhelming. Is there a way to escape the Mike from the nightmarish room tricks that the tightening like a vise making him lose his mind? Is there a way to preserve the physical integrity of the inconveniences of the room over it?

Horror Trivia

In "1408" John Cusack participates for the second time in the film adaptation of the Stephen King book. His first contribution was to the monumental "Stand By Me" in 1986.

Evaluating briefly "1408" I would observe that it is quite different from many horror movies with ghosts. Impression causes the rich color that adorns the movie even on pictures of ghosts. The gradual transition from the horrendous performances in generalist performances, specifically about the dramatic past of Mike gives another dimension to the film, consolidating a quirky autobiographical character. Although the way he portrayed on film this turnaround is not the best possible, it is a positive aspect that the viewer emotionally charges, as do also the theatrical and dialogues with himself in a desperate attempt to return to the prosaic reality.

Indeed the "1408" tries to shock through a complicated psychological methodology than usual, cheap tromares of sudden appearances of ghosts and fictitious images (not that there aren't too of course). Up to some moral messages trying to pass. Eventually the tangle of real and imaginary world looks as the inevitable evolution in film and the overall taste that leaves is certainly pleasant with an air of freshness blowing faintly. The finale, however, I found it mediocre and quite happy for the movie data. The Cusack is located in known good levels with a very dignified interpretation in a film that seems to pull up comfortably on his shoulders with a little help from the airy Samuel Jackson. If you were a little more soyloypwmeni to attempt to blend fantasy and reality would liked him more.


Movie Highlights

  • The agonizing scene where Mike tries to pass by his window in a nearby room walking on the terrace while below sprawls deep limbo! Makes you sweat literally!
  • The ghosts of previous occupants that Mike sees to make dives of death in limbo by his window. Gruesome images certainly …
  • The chilling interpretation of Samuel Jackson as a bizarre Hotel Manager when it tries to prevent Mike from the renting of the room but also by participating in one of the strange images he sees the author.


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1408 (2007)

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Full interpretation of a very good actor, many terrifying and exciting scenes in the room, interesting expansion in personal drama of the central character.


Show some clichés, some annoying "xecheilwmata" in the attempted marriage fiction with reality.

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Remarkable transport Stephen King novel to the movies. This is an easily digestible but also genuinely frightening film that relies greatly on rich development of the dramatic character of the protagonist.

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